SureFire Tactical Pen with Window Breaker Tip
SureFire® Tactical Pen with Window Breaker Tip
There are some great “Tactical Pens” in the KnifeCenter lineup these days. The newest and, arguably the hottest, is from Surefire. The world’s best flashlight maker has released their new pen and it seems extraordinary.
Here is the Surefire information:
The SureFire Pen is the latest addition to the ever-growing SureFire family—and it has a lot to prove. It boasts an aerospace-grade aluminum body that’s Mil-Spec Type III hard anodized like many of its brothers. It may not be able to light up a dark alley but this pen might be “mightier than the sword.” This bold, retractable SureFire Pen is appointed with virtually indestructible, tumbled-polished stainless steel on the tip, clip, and the tailcap which features a rounded window breaker that’s always ready for emergency use. And, it writes like a dream—that’s its primary job after all. The SureFire Pen comes standard with a Schmidt ink cartridge which is all about performance but the pen is fully adjustable too; you can use nearly any ink cartridge with a simple adjustment. Smooth writing performance, elegant yet bold design, and—oh yeah, it can break windows at a moments notice. What more could you want from this latest member of the SureFire family?

Features & Benefits

* Rugged aerospace-grade aluminum body
* Virtually indestructible pocket clip
* Window breaker tip for emergencies
* Schmidt ink cartridge flows flawlessly
* Pen adjusts to accept most ink cartridges
* Ink tip retracts into body; no cap to lose


* Length: 6.04 inches (15.34cm)
* Weight: 1.8 Ounces (51 grams)
* Material: Aerospace-grade Aluminum
* Finish: Type-III hard anodized
* Color: Body: Black. Tip, clip, and tailcap: stainless steel