Swing-A-Way Wall Can Opener with Magnetic Lid-Lifter
Swing-A-Way Wall Can Opener with Magnetic Lid-Lifter
All of us past a certain age had one of these when we were kids. They attach to the kitchen wall, probably above the counter, and swing away towards the wall when not in use. They are still available and lots of folks like them. We have them in stock!
Here is the sales information from the present manufacturer:
Since 1938 Swing-A-Way can openers have proven to be the highest quality, most dependable openers on the market. Foodservice professionals recognize and buy Swing-A-Way for value and performance. Swing grips provide comfort, style, and performance.

Directions: attach to flat wooden surface (screws provided) with slotted end down. Match hinge hold of can opener with holes of bracket and insert bracket pin to lock on opener. Opener locks in your choice of 3 operating positions, and swings right or left when not in use. Precision made steel gears are factory lubricated, this can opener should not be immersed in water, or hold under a faucet for cleaning. Use a small kitchen brush or damp cloth to clean gears. Towel dry.

1. Pull lever forward to open cutting wheel.
2. Place rim of can under open cutting wheel.
3. Push lever back to pierce lid.
4. Can is now locked in position – turn handle clockwise.
5. Grasp can and pull lever forward to release can.
6. Magnet lifts lid.