Top Five Best ESEE Knives

Try this: whip out your phone and text the biggest outdoor and survival knife enthusiast you know and ask them this – “who makes the best survival knives in the business?” Chances are, they’re going to tell you that ESEE ranks pretty high (if not the highest). Since 1997, Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin have been changing the game when it comes to the wilderness industry. Their goal is to offer realistic tools that are designed for people that are going to use and abuse them, which is why their brand has been so successful. Their ‘no questions asked’ warranty doesn’t hurt, either – you’re essentially covered for everything but rust. If you break it, they will replace it.  

Even in the company’s philosophy, it clearly states that one of the most important aspects of the business is that ESEE won’t provide a piece of gear that hasn’t been tested in the real world. How seriously do they take that mission? Considering that ESEE’s founders also run an adventure and training company that regularly does jungle survival courses in the Peruvian Amazon, we’d say – very. Anyone who regularly handles outdoor knives knows the power of 1095 carbon, and ESEE is able to get more out of that steel than any other production knife company thanks to their famous heat treatment.    

You know the drill by now – as the leading cutlery retailer, we’re overqualified to cherry-pick the best ESEE knives for you. Let’s begin with the knife that started it all…




Best Application

General purpose field and utility knife that’s perfect for bug-out bags or survival kits

Why We Love It

What the ESEE 3 lacks in size, it more than makes up for in strength. It’s the very first knife that Jeff and Mike debuted at ESEE, essentially making it their flagship knife. The National Tactical Officers Association gave it a 4.77 out of 5, cementing its reputation as a favorite with law enforcement and military teams.

Why You’ll Love It

Like we said before, you’re going to get more out of that 1095 carbon steel than you will from any other knife company. This knife is comfortable and easy to carry thanks to its size and versatile sheath. Because this is such a popular knife model, we have over 40 iterations of the ESEE 3. From combo blades to Venom Green finishes to highly visible orange scales, we can pretty much guarantee there’s a model out there for even the most eccentric knife user.

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Zero Tolerance Model 0150 Boot Knife $99.95

Zero Tolerance Model 0150 Boot Knife
Zero Tolerance Model 0150 Boot Knife $99.95

This American made boot knife was designed by Tim Galyean. This is a great deal! The steel is S30V and the craftsmanship is superb. The dagger blade features full-tang construction and non-reflective Tungsten DLC coating. For a superior grip in all weather conditions, the grooved handles are 3-D machined in matte-black G-10. The sure-grip handle is drilled to accept a lanyard. Includes Kydex® sheath with MOLLE compatible, multi-carry configuration.

Boker Plus Rambler Fixed 2-3/4″ Blade

Boker Plus Rambler
Boker Plus Rambler Fixed 2-3/4″ Blade
A very cool little knife from Boker Plus. It was designed by an Austrian knifemaker and is really very unique. It is small and meant to be a backup knife in most situations. The sheath is a belt sheath and not a neck sheath as would be expected for a knife of this size. Looks are deceiving from the image because this knife could scale up perfectly to be a very useful camping or even kitchen knife, but at the size at which it has been produced, it is a backup- belt knife. I really like it, especially the design and materials, but you have to have a need or desire for a knife of this diminutive size. You can see them at www.knifecenter.com
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BokerPlus Bud Nealy Kwaito

BokerPlus Bud Nealy Kwaito
BokerPlus Bud Nealy Kwaito Fixed Blade
BokerPlus now offers a new Bud Nealy fixed blade. Years ago, we sold a whole series of Nealy small fixed blades from Boker and this new one really looks like it lives up to the reputation. The sheath was always one of the selling points with a myriad ways to carry the knife, and this new one is a lot plainer in that department. It is really minimalistic with a simple Kydex sheath- all in a very slim profile. Stuff the Kwaito in your boot, keep it next to you in your car or buy a Tek-Lok for it and put it on your belt. You can see the Kwaito at www.knifecenter.com
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Gerber Guardian Back-Up Tanto Boot Knife

Gerber Guardian Back-Up Tanto Boot Knife
Gerber Guardian Back-Up Tanto Boot Knife
Gerber Knives has produced the Guardian combat knife forever- it was one of their original combat knives. It has been a mainstay of militaries worldwide for decades. Now, they have released a tanto version. Boot knives have kinda taken a back seat to neck knives in recent years as the back-up knife of choice. Gerber thought it was time to re-visit the boot knife, and bring some of the neck knife styling cues to the other end of your person. They also made sure it was still all Gerber. The Guardian Back-Up Tanto is a perfect low profile boot knife, and it is also very user friendly. The handle is all-weather grip-able, and the sheath tension is adjustable.
You can see this new Gerber Guardian Combat Knife at www.knifecenter.com
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Cold Steel Kobun Fixed 4″ Tanto

Cold Steel Kobun Fixed
Cold Steel Kobun Fixed 4″ Tanto
Cold Steel is bringing back some classics. Among them is the Kobun ultra thin tanto. These were an incredible hit years ago when they were introduced because the thin profile allowed for easy carry in the boot or at one’s side. This is about the third iteration of the model from Cold Steel Knives and we’re thrilled to see them. They seem as well built as ever and the sheath holds them tightly. The price now is $29.95 and that is truly incredible!
You can see these at www.knifecenter.com
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