Camillus 19173 Ravenous Tomahawk

Camillus 19173 Ravenous Tomahawk

The Camillus 19173 Ravenous Tomahawk may be small but don’t let its size fool you, it can get the job done. Made of Titanium Bonded® cutlery grade steel, the business part of these tools are through hardened to hold an edge and really give you peace of mind during use. The handle is textured glass filled nylon which not only provides adequate traction in the hand but also adds to the durability of the tool. So if you need a tomahawk for camping the Ravenous is for you. Get yours today at

Camillus HT-7 Fixed

Camillus HT-7 Fixed

If you need a knife for hunting, fishing, camping or sporting, the Camillus HT-7 fixed blade is a perfect choice. With a 3.5″ titanium bonded stainless steel blade with plenty belly, large lanyard hole, and great jimping – what is it missing? The handle is solid G10 and removable with Hex screws should that need ever arise. The sheath is the simple nylon variety which leaves some room for improvement but for $30, is definitely sufficient for most anyone’s needs. The HT-7 is a full tang design for maximum strength and the handle is extremely comfortable if you have small to medium sized hands. Want more information, go to

Camillus Folding Beast is Just That!

Camillus Folding Beast is Just That!

It’s rare when you handle a knife for the first time and you’re either speechless or all you can utter is, Dang! That’s why Camillus has saved you time and effort and just put the thought into your head; this thing is a Beast! Measuring 9-3/4″ overall with a 3-3/4″ VG-10 blade, this new tactical folder from Camillus is meant for the tough and rugged field of battle. The handle is large of course and the straight lines, reminiscent of a Sebenza, are definitely comfortable in a variety of grips. You can use the flipper mechanism or overlarge thumb slot/hole for opening and the action is extremely smooth. Check out this modified American tanto blade design at

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Les Stroud “Survivorman” Knives by Camillus

Les Stroud Knives by Camillus Now is Stock

These just came in! First they had competing shows on television and now they’ve got competing product lines for your hard earned dollars. Introducing Camillus’ answer to Gerber’s Bear Grylls line; the Les Stroud series of survival tools. They’ve got all your wilderness bases covered and then some with these classic, functional, and stout designs ranging from the pocket folder to full size machete. Each knife features a carbonitride titanium 440 stainless steel blade, grippy ergonomic rubber handle, and an included fire steel. That’s right, even the small folding knife comes with a fire starter tucked away into the handle so it’s never far away from a capable striker. All the fixed blade knives come with excellent sheaths and at the price point, they will definitely be hard to beat for capability, durability, and style.  Find the right knife for your particular excursion at

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Camillus Carnivore 12″ Fixed Blade Knife

The Camillus Carnivore is a beast of a tool. The 12″ Titanium Bonded blade has multiple uses not just cutting but sawing, chiseling, digging, and wire cutting as well. The handle is extremely ergonomic and provides good traction in wet or dry environments. The knife  includes a Camillus nylon sheath and a full lifetime warranty. You can see this at

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New Camillus TigerSharp Skinning Knife

Camillus TigerSharp Titanium Skinning Knife
New Camillus TigerSharp Skinning Knife, with Replaceable Blades!

If you like hunting and skinning, but you don’t enjoy sharpening-or skinning with a dull knife-then this is the knife you need. When it gets dull, just change the blade for a razor sharp new one. Imagine a comfortable to hold and use Camillus hunting knife with a replaceable TigerSharp razor blade. Actually, you don’t have to imagine… all you have to do is hit the “add to cart” button and never have to sharpen or skin with a dull blade again!

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