Benchmade 483 Shori by Seiichi Nakamura

Benchmade 483 Shori by Seiichi Nakamura

New for 2012 in Benchmade’s Blue Class is the 483 Shori designed by Seiichi Nakamura. This joins his overwhelmingly popular 480 Shoki design, 2008 IWA Knife of the Year, and the 482 Megumi as some of the most elegant gentleman’s folders produced by Benchmade. Excellent size, weight and materials are the heart of the knife, but the ergonomics are it’s soul. For a small knife without any jimping, the knife locks into place very well with minimal fear about your fingers sliding forward onto the blade. The other aspect that sets the Nakamura series of knives apart is their use of the Nak-Lok, which acts like a cross between a lockback and frame lock but has a button you push to actuate. This design allows for ultimate strength in both the upward and downward direction of the blade and keeps your fingers clear from danger when closing the knife. The Shori is an excellent knife and you can find it at

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Introducing the Columbia River Delegate

Columbia River Delegate Pocketknife
Introducing the Columbia River Delegate

Usually, assisted opening knives go for the cool tactical look. They are designed to snap open and scare away any potential attackers. But the same design also scares the average civilian. The Delegate from Columbia River is an assisted knife that won’t scare the neighbors, or the maître d’ at that nice French restaurant you like to go to. The sleek and simple design when closed is attractive, and the drop point blade is utilitarian and non-threatening. The handles feature either cocobolo wood scales for the black blade model, or white bone scales for the satin blade model, which really add to the classy quality that this knife has going for it.

However, the Delegate isn’t just about looks. Despite its non-threatening appearance, the blade is razor sharp, and the assisted open action snaps the blade open with authority.

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Unique Damascus Bowie Knives from Bear and Son at the Knife Center!

Bear and Sons Damascus Bowie Knife
New Damascus Bowie Knives from Bear and Son at the Knife Center

Every now and then we get offered an amazing opportunity by our vendors. Recently, Bear and Son came to us with a batch of these bowies that they had made several years ago, but had misplaced in their factory. These were typically made with a 10.25″ blade, but, due to a mistake by the lazer cutting machine, these have a unique 7.5″ damascus blade. They also feature beautiful cocobolo handles and a leather sheath. These are Western Style Bowies made in the USA at really great prices.

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