Klarus Flashlights Now Available

Here at KnifeCenter we’re always looking for new and improved products to do the same boring old jobs. When it comes to lighting, Klarus has some of the best manufactured products on the market. Using the highest quality materials, circuit efficiency, and LED technology available, Klarus lights are designed for long term use in the military and tactical fields. With a wide range of products available, you’re sure to find one that fits your need and your personal style. You can see them all at www.knifecenter.com.

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Innovative New Mini-Gun Design Flashlight from Fenix

Fenix Minigun Flashlight
Innovative New “Mini-Gun” Flashlight from Fenix

This light is over the top. It looks odd, kinda like a three headed monster, but it allows so much more functionality as well as improved heat dispersion. The three heads allow for three levels of output, from 8 lumens to 760 lumens, with runtimes from 232 hours down to 2 hours accordingly. There are also 3 strobe modes available. All of this in a waterproof light that runs on standard AA batteries. How cool is that?

See this flashlight at www.knifecenter.com

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INOVA Inforce Series LED Flashlights Free Shipping

INOVA Inforce Series of High Power LED Flashlights
INOVA Inforce Series of High Power LED Flashlights
We sell a lot of flashlights here at the Knife Center. We have combat flashlights, Surefire Flashlights, high power UID flashlights from AE Lights and a lot of LED flashlights. We all really like the Inova lights. They have just released the INFORCE series of high power LED flashlights. This is the most powerful LED series we have seen. The researchers at INOVA have been at the forefront of LED technology all along. This is a great series!