Smith & Wesson CK401 Frame Lock Folder

Smith & Wesson CK401 Frame Lock FolderThe Smith & Wesson CK401 Drop Point Frame Lock is a manual-folding knife with style. The frame sports a two-tone, black and brushed steel finish, which is the same on the blade and it really gives this knife a cool look. For the price, this is a knife worth having, even considering its diminutive size. It’s only 5.88″ overall, but ergonomically it’s excellent. We look forward to seeing a larger brother in the future. For now, take a closer look at the new CK401 at

Chris Reeve 25th Anniversary Sebenza Prototype

Chris Reeve Sebenza 25 Limited Edition Prototype

Introducing the 25th year anniversary edition of the original frame lock folder – the Sebenza. The hole in the middle of the face scale is gone making for simply a better looking knife. The extra finger contour is the most noticeable difference on this model but it’s inside where all the real change has happened. The handle screws and pivot are now larger to wear better over time. The washers are absolutely gigantic and fit with extra holes for better oil distribution resulting in a smoother opening blade. The thumb ramp has been redesigned with a much larger curve so it’s actually functional now and really locks the knife in the hand. Finally, the attached blue lanyard and bead really are just a cherry on top. It’s an absolutely stunning knife built to the quality Chris Reeve is famous for. This is a Prototype, serial number 22 of 25, and is hand signed and dated by the legend himself – Chris Reeve.  Check it out before it’s gone at

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Chris Reeve Knives – New One of a Kinds

Chris Reeve Knives - Unmatched Quality

New one of a kind knives from Chris Reeve! When it comes to production knives, Chris Reeve stands alone atop the mountain. He has made many innovations and collaborated on designs that have forever changed our industry. He is the father of the one-piece knife concept, with his original model MK IV, the chief innovator of the Reeve Integral Lock, commonly referred to as a Frame lock, and was even crucial to the development of S30V stainless steel. He worked alongside the Crucible Materials Company to develop the first steel specifically designed for the cutlery industry. The various inlays, CNC machined graphics on the handle scales or beautiful Devin Thomas Damascus steels can make your production knife one of a kind. If you don’t love Chris Reeve Knives, then you probably haven’t handled one – they’re that awesome. Check out all the Chris Reeve fixed and folding offerings and the new one of a kind models while they last at

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Welcome Nemesis Knives!

Welcome Nemesis Knives

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to Nemesis Knives, an exciting new brand here at Knifecenter.  The work of designers Jeff Hall and Joel Pirela, these knives and tools boast materials and workmanship you’d expect to pay a lot more for.

Carefully crafted from titanium, carbon fiber, and VG-10 steel; Nemesis knives and tools offer a lot of bang for the buck. Whether it’s the Manx folder, the NK-12 Bottle Opener, or the Modular Axe; you’ll be getting a strong, lightweight tool that will be ready at a moment’s notice without weighing you down. Check out the new offerings at!

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New Boker Chad Los Banos Titanium Subcom!

New Boker Plus Chad Los Banos Subcom with Titanium Frame
New Boker-Plus Titanium Framed Chad Los Banos Subcom!

The Chad Los Banos series from Boker has been a huge success. The size, and the thought that went into the design, have given it appeal to the tactical as well as every-day-carry knife customer. To celebrate the success of the series, Boker has introduced a CNC milled titanium version. The look is very cool, and the price is quite reasonable. We love it, and we think that you will too.

See this knife at

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A really different offering Danish Designed Boker Haddock

Bokers Danish Designed Folding Knife
Bokers Danish Designed Folding Knife-the Haddock
Every so often something comes to us that catches our eye. Something a little different with a little different take on things. Boker knives in Germany has released something that fits this bill with this new Haddock frame lock folding knife designed by a Danish knifemaker. It’s noticeably lighter than most folders of its size. It feels a little better in the hand. The blade shape is different and very utilitarian. The blade is also a very thick stock, hollowed down to a razor edge – and it is sharp. The blade finish isn’t pretty- just a flat, stone washed gray, but this is a functioning folding knife. It is extremely well made.
We like this knife. There is no thumb stud or flipper and so you pinch the top of the blade with thumb and finger and flip the handle over or use the nail slot. The action is very good and adjustable with the torx screw. You can see them at
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Chris Reeve Damascus Large Sebenzas

Chris Reeve Damascus Large Sebenzas
Chris Reeve Large Sebenzas with Devon Thomas Stainless Ladder pattern Damascus
Chris Reeve Sebenzas have been call the finest “mid-tech” folders ever made. “Mid-tech” refers to knives that are not quite custom because more than one person has a hand in making them and they are not really production knives because there is not a massive assembly line process involved. If you combine that with the incomparable Devon Thomas stainless Damascus steel that is in these blades as well as the great, unique handle designs, you have a collectible that will hold its value forever! Of course, Chris Reeve stands behind his products always and will always recondition one of his knives if you send it in to him.
A few words about the Damascus in these folders: Devon Thomas is recognized as, perhaps, the finest Damascus maker in the world. Most Damascus is made from 2 types of carbon steel, but Chris decided to put super premium stainless Damascus on these. The pattern is swirled tightly to give a ladder pattern and the swirls are so tight that the blade has a chatoyance or play of light like a tigers eye stone.

Chris Reeve Knives Sebenza 21

Chris Reeve Knives Sebenza 21
Chris Reeve Knives Sebenza 21
Chris Reeve Sebenzas are famous around the world for their quality and design. It has been a number of years since Chris redesigned this great folder which is carried by many other knifemakers as well as people who have an appreciation for fine tools. This is a great redesign in that it keeps all the great feature of both his “classic” version and standard.
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