CRKT Redemption Massive Fixed Blade – Ken Onion Design

CRKT Redemption Massive Fixed Blade - Ken Onion Design

This Columbia River Knife and Tool “First Production” fixed blade Redemption Tactical/Survival Knife definitely has an immediate WOW! factor. Here at KnifeCenter we were all impressed by the overall heft of the knife and the truly unique Ken Onion designed blade. This behemoth combat tactical weapon features G10 handles which provide for a more comfortable feel and ease of use and Includes a nylon sheath with belt loops, a leg strap, and an extra storage pocket. The knife is secured in a removable Kydex liner (simply unscrew one bolt) within the nylon sheath. The black plain blade features a dramatic recurve and is constructed using YK-30 high-carbon steel.

Whether you’re blazing through the jungle, removing unwanted brush from the backyard, or simply wish to impress your pals with this wicked beast of a knife, the Redemption will surely fit the bill. These are sure to move quickly so get yours here ASAP at!!

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Spyderco Tenacious in Black

Spyderco Tenacious in Black
Spyderco Tenacious in Black
Spyderco Knives has released their Tenacious folding knife model in all black. It really makes this every-day-carry type of economy Spyderco a great, stealth carry. The Tenacious series are perfectly sized folders geared for rough use for people who prefer a liner lock and G-10 handles. This is really the combination that made Benchmade and Emerson so successful, but put together is China for economy. The materials are still good as the reviews of current Tenacious models will show. People like this knife and the black versions are sure to be a hit.

You can see these black Tenacious models at
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Boker Plus Rambler Fixed 2-3/4″ Blade

Boker Plus Rambler
Boker Plus Rambler Fixed 2-3/4″ Blade
A very cool little knife from Boker Plus. It was designed by an Austrian knifemaker and is really very unique. It is small and meant to be a backup knife in most situations. The sheath is a belt sheath and not a neck sheath as would be expected for a knife of this size. Looks are deceiving from the image because this knife could scale up perfectly to be a very useful camping or even kitchen knife, but at the size at which it has been produced, it is a backup- belt knife. I really like it, especially the design and materials, but you have to have a need or desire for a knife of this diminutive size. You can see them at
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Spyderco Caly3.5 Folding Knife

Spyderco Caly3dot5 Folding Knife
Spyderco C144GPGY Caly3.5 Folding Knife
Spyderco Knives has released the Caly 3.5 Folder in a special steel and it is really nice. I had forgotten that this knife is a great size and shape and this one features a wide, totally flat ground blade made of “Super Blue” steel which is supposed to be fantastic- see link below for more information. The handle is light weight and adequate for great control and the blade is a lot of blade for this handle. The handle is gray G10 on top of steel liners. The indented lockback is super strong and easy to use. We really like this knife and hope that anyone wanting one grabs one during this sprint run- they won’t last. See them at
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BokerPlus VoxKnives Rold Camp Knife

BokerPlus VoxKnives Rold Camp Knife
BokerPlus VoxKnives Rold Camp Knife
BokerPlus keeps coming out with incredible products – especially large fixed blades. This new VOX model is awesome– and I’m not just saying that! It has a full size (over 6″ x 1.5″) flat ground D2 blade. That alone gives it real knife lover cred. The handle is contoured G-10 to give a great and comfortable grip. The moster full tang is framed with the red layer before the G-10. The two holes in the handle give it a unique look and can serve as a lanyard hole- it comes with a Nylon lanyard through the rear hole. It is sort of simple, utilitarian, tough materials and great style all combined into one knife. The sheath is simple Kydex and a Tek-Lok is included. All this for just over $100 is a great deal. You can see them at
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Benchmade AFCK Limited Edition

Benchmade Knives AFCK
Benchmade AFCK Limited Edition SHOT Show Knife -SOLD OUT- Combo Edge Coming Soon!
Back when the KnifeCenter was starting out in the mid 1990’s, when we were the only web site selling Benchmade knives! the AFCK was a best selling item. It was, along with the Emerson designed CQC7, the knife that made Benchmade Knives a famous brand in the world of American cutlery. We’ve seen a few offerings through the years with this great design, but this new one is extraordinary. These were only available at the SHOT Trade Show in Las Vegas to dealers of Benchmade Knives that were placing orders. We got in line for a limited number of these. The look is striking with the textured handle and blue medallion. The pocket clip is designed for deep pocket carry and is brightly polished. The action, though, is really smooth and solid. The disengagement of the liner is super easy. Then you have the new material for the blade. This M390 steel is really tough and hard and should be about as top quality as you can get. This is truly a Benchmade classic and they are very limited in availability. Limited to a production quantity of 250.
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Get a Premonition From Columbia River

Columbia River Gerry McGinnis Premonition Pocketknife
New Gerry McGinnis Premonition from Columbia River

We are having a premonition… That you will love this knife! The Premonition is the latest pocket knife from Columbia River’s boy wonder, Gerry McGinnis, who is producing a plethora of pocketknives while completing an engineering degree at North Carolina State University. The Premonition follows Mr. McGinnis’ trend of flipper opening knives, which allows for assisted-fast opening without the weight or potential legal issues of the assisted mechanism. When opened, the flipper also acts as finger guard. The opening speed is perfectly complemented by a thin, sleek design, light weight, and great balance. The black and blue G-10 handles round everything off.

How can we offer all of this starting at $28.95? You’ll just have to check your crystal ball.

See these knives at

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It Is Here, A Cheap Folding Kukri from Boker

Boker Pocket Kukri
Try the Boker Magnum Pocket Kukri

The kukri is a very popular fixed blade knife, the shape of which has frequently been adapted to machetes, but it is rarely seen on a folder. In fact, the only other folding kukris we currently carry are Cold Steel’s Rajah II and Rajah III.

Hailing from Nepal and India, the primary feature of the kukri is the heavy recurve, which results in the blade being much thicker at the tip. For traditional kukris, this makes them much more capable for chopping tasks. The folding kukri is not nearly as good for chopping large pieces of wood, but the shape still makes it great for other tasks. The recurve creates a dip in the knife that prevents the item that is being cut from slipping away from the knife, making it easier to cut wet rope or fish. It also creates a longer usable edge than other blades of similar length. Although there is no thumbstud or hole, the nail nick creates more than enough friction for opening the knife one handed.

Boker’s new Magnum Pocket Kukri has one big advantage over the Rajah series: It is a fraction of the price. At $17.95, you have the perfect excuse to indulge your curiosity and check out this knife.

See this knife at

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Spyderco Military 4″ S30V Plain Edge Blade, Orange G10 Handles

Spyderco Military 4
Spyderco Military 4″ S30V Plain Edge Blade, Orange G10 Handles
A sprint run of the amazing Spyderco Military. This bright orange G10 handle will almost guarantee that you won’t leave it on the ground after using it. But try to put it back in your pocket!
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Kershaw Ken Onion PackRat Assisted Opener

Kershaw Ken Onion PackRat Assisted Opener
Kershaw Ken Onion Pack Rat Assisted Opener
Kershaw and Ken Onion keep coming up with great designs. This American made assisted opener has all the right stuff- great materials with a Sandvik 14C28N stainless blade, G10 handles with stainless liners, a thick liner for its liner locking system and a pronounced flipper built into the blade. The size is medium with a 3-1/4″ blade and the shape is awesome. The upswept blade that seems to call out for work. The RatPack is a great addition to the Kershaw lineup.
The first batch we got in has “1 of 500 First Production” on the blade. We cannot guarantee you will get one of these unless you call us to look at the knife you are ordering.
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