Sharpening 101: The Best Tips and Products for a Great Edge

Whether you’re running 440C or S90V, even the most super of steels will need to be sharpened eventually. This can be an intimidating task to some, but we’re going to take a look at three systems that make the job easy and achieve fantastic results.

The theory of sharpening is simple. Using something abrasive, usually a stone, material is removed from one side of the edge until you can feel a burr on the opposite side along the entire length of the edge. The process is duplicated on the opposite side.


It’s usually best to alternate the side you are working on every few strokes so that each has a similar amount of material removed, keeping the edge itself even and centered.


Once you are able to raise a consistent burr on each side, you’ll move to finer grit abrasives until you achieve the desired amount of refinement on the edge. The grit you start with will depend on how degraded the edge is.

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Spyderco C308F Ceramic Golden Stone Sharpener, Fine

Spyderco C308F Ceramic Golden Stone Sharpener, Fine
Spyderco C308F Ceramic Golden Stone Sharpener, Fine

Spyderco Knives started out as a sharpening company and then started making knives. Originally, these sharpening items were all ceramic. This new design is amazing. You can get 2 different angles as well as a flat surface and both sides are elliptical. You can see these now at
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Finally, a Ceramic Knife Sharpener from Kyocera

Kyocera Battery Powered Ceramic Knife Sharpener
Kyocera Ceramic Knife Sharpener!

If you own ceramic material kitchen knives, then this is the sharpener for you. We have never recommended end users sharpening their own ceramic knives before, we always encouraged them to send them back to the manufacturer for maintenance. Kyocera is a foremost producer of ceramic material products, and when they decided to make a sharpener we were very excited. This sharpener uses diamonds, runs on batteries, is very safe, and is quite easy to use. If you own ceramic knives, this is the sharpener for you.

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Master Grade Electric High Power Sharpening System

Master Grade Electric High Power Sharpening System
Master Grade Commercial Grade Sharpening System
This system is extraordinary. It has a high powered motor and replaceable sanding wheels with three different grits. If you really want to rework the edges on your knives, this system will do it with expert results. The sets that we sell include the base unit with standard cover, a replacement cover with wider access for coarse grit reshaping, the fine grit wheels mounted on the unit, and replacement medium and coarse grit wheels.
We like this unit but it is geared for commercial kitchens and not fine cutlery. If you are using it for your fine cutlery, use extreme caution that you don’t remove too much metal with each sharpening or your knives won’t last for the generations they were built for!
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