Aladdin Sharpener- USA made for 60 Years!

Aladdin Sharpener- USA made for 60 Years!
Aladdin Sharpener
Made in the USA for decades, this tungsten carbide sharpener performs at a great price. Mounts easily anywhere you want. Just pull a knife through a few times to dress up the edge and you have a cutting tool. They are offered at a really low price.
Here is the manufacturer’s advertising information:
The Original Aladdin Knife Sharpener

Patented in 1940’s – made in USA for over 60 years
Compact, simple design, but it really WORKS!
Durable ABS plastic housing and carbide sharpening tips
Customer satisfaction guaranteed – lifetime warranty
Easily cleaned
Easily installed with only a screwdriver
Safe sharpening from fixed positions for:
**Industrial – Construction
**Maintenance – Production
**HVAC – Welders
**Hunters and Fishermen
**Gourmet food shops
**Restaurant kitchens
**Offshore commercial fishing
**Home – kitchen, workshop, garage
Mounts to:
**Pantry door
**Knife block
**Cutting board
**Tool box
**Tackle box

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