Master Grade Electric High Power Sharpening System
Master Grade Commercial Grade Sharpening System
This system is extraordinary. It has a high powered motor and replaceable sanding wheels with three different grits. If you really want to rework the edges on your knives, this system will do it with expert results. The sets that we sell include the base unit with standard cover, a replacement cover with wider access for coarse grit reshaping, the fine grit wheels mounted on the unit, and replacement medium and coarse grit wheels.
We like this unit but it is geared for commercial kitchens and not fine cutlery. If you are using it for your fine cutlery, use extreme caution that you don’t remove too much metal with each sharpening or your knives won’t last for the generations they were built for!
Here is the general sales material for this product:
MGKE280: Professional Knife Sharpener
Master Grade™


REVOLUTIONIZE the way to sharpen your knives! The latest technology has been used to develop unique soft- touch sharpening wheels that differ from the conventional stone wheels that grind away the blade and cause overheating. This innovative electric knife sharpener will enable you to produce a razor sharp edge in only a few passes!

We include: Professional Knife Sharpener, extra cover (wide opening), replacement coarse grit wheels, replacement medium grit wheels, mounted fine grit wheels.

** CAUTION! This machine can be aggressive and, if not properly used, can remove excess material from your blades. Use caution with your fine cutlery.

The Master Grade KE-280 is unique, enabling you to re-profile your knife’s blade bevel up to 3/5″ high and 1/2″ thick and still maintain a desired 15° angle without leaving a burred edge!

Professional chefs and meat cutters unanimously agree that the Master Grade Commercial Knife Sharpener is superior AND more economical than other electric knife sharpeners!

Includes Operation instruction featuring FREE video easy-to-understand demonstrations of this phenomenal sharpening tool.

Great for:

* Commercial kitchens
* Slaughterhouses
* Food processing
* Culinary schools
* Supermarkets
* Restaurants
* Butchers


* Super-powerful 180Watt / 3,000 G.C.M.
* Torque motor restores edge in less than 10 seconds
* Soft wheel surface for superior 99.9% blade contact
* 100V – 120V AC / 180 Watt
* cUL, UL & NSF Certification
* Sharpening angle (Tan ): 15 °
* Blade angle / Blade thickness: 30 ° – 6 ° / Up to ½” tang
* Wheel speed / Torque: 2,500 rpm / 3,000 GCM
* Max blade contacts: Pre-sharpening up to 3/5″ high
* Unit net weight: 5.4 Lbs.
* Unit per case: 6 units
* Dimension in inches W x H x D: 13″ x 4.9″ x 4.5″
* Dimension in cm W x H x D: 33 cm x 12.5 cm x 11.5 cm

**Household and commercial use.**