Spyderco Sage 4 Honoring Al Mar

Spyderco welcomes a fourth member to the excellent Sage Series; the Al Mar inspired backlock with beautiful Arizona Ironwood and Titanium Bolsters. This knife continues the superb line Spyderco has produced to honor Knifemakers who’ve contributed major innovations to the industry. The same blade and handle shape as previous models, the ergonomics of the Sage 4 make it comfortable to use in the regular saber grip as well as choking up with your index finger in the choil.  An excellent knife design, the Sage 4 will make  a great user and a nice addition to any collection. You can see these at www.knifecenter.com Continue Reading

Spyderco SAGE Folders with Different Locks

Spyderco SAGE Frame Lock Titanium Handle Folder
Spyderco SAGE Frame Locking Titanium Handle Folder
Spyderco brings in its second SAGE Model- the Sage. The Sage has all the “high end” features including S30V super stainless steel blade and exotic handles. Spyderco is bringing in the SAGE model with every type of locking system. So far, we have seen the liner lock with Carbon Fiber handles and, now, the frame locking titanium handle model.
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