Spyderco welcomes a fourth member to the excellent Sage Series; the Al Mar inspired backlock with beautiful Arizona Ironwood and Titanium Bolsters. This knife continues the superb line Spyderco has produced to honor Knifemakers who’ve contributed major innovations to the industry. The same blade and handle shape as previous models, the ergonomics of the Sage 4 make it comfortable to use in the regular saber grip as well as choking up with your index finger in the choil.  An excellent knife design, the Sage 4 will make  a great user and a nice addition to any collection. You can see these at www.knifecenter.com

From the Spyderco Website:

The Sage 4 emulates the elegant simplicity and meticulous craftsmanship that characterized Al Mar’s original designs. The handle is built on a framework of full stainless steel liners for strength and rigidity and reinforced by satin-finished titanium bolsters. The bolsters are carefully mated to scales machined from genuine Arizona ironwood and all components are assembled with contrasting black-coated Torx® screws.

Like all knives in the Sage Series, the blade of the Sage 4 is full-flat ground from premium US-made CPM-S30V stainless steel. Its leaf-shaped profile is distinctive to Spyderco knives and provides an excellent balance of cutting performance and tip utility that makes it ideally suited to virtually any task.

The blade and handle of the Sage 4 are joined by the front lock mechanism developed by McBurnette and his peers and popularized by Mar. When combined with Spyderco’s Trademark Round Hole in the blade and a reversible wire clip that supports left or right-side tip-up carry, the result is an exceptionally evolved folding knife that can be easily opened and closed with either hand.

The purpose of the Sage Series is to acknowledge the contributions of innovative knifemakers and give credit where credit is due. We hope you agree that the Sage 4 accomplishes this in style and sincerely hope your knife serves you well.