The DPx Gear Hostile Environment Fighting Tool (HEFT) 4

The DPx Gear Hostile Environment Fighting Tool (HEFT) 4, might just be the most balanced knife that DPx offers. It’s discrete enough to keep a low profile, but it’s large enough to handle jobs that would compromise most four-inch knives. The 3.94″ blade is high-performance, German-made Lohmann Niolox stainless steel and is cryo-hardened to a Rockwell Hardness near 60. Lohmann Niolox steel is prized for its ability to hold up to abuse and to retain a cutting edge and this knife has proven that. It’s held a durable cutting edge through repeated hard use on a variety of wood, bamboo, cardboard, and other mediums. It’s survived neglectful treatment, tons of batoning, and is thick enough to give you reassurance at the tip when drilling holes. Niolox combines the best qualities of stainless and high-carbon steels to provide you with a superior hard use tool. There is a storage compartment hidden within the G10 handle designed for small items like fishing line, hooks or water-purification tablets. The MOLLE compatible nylon sheath is durable, compact, and features a quality Velcro pouch the perfect size for a fire starter and small sharpener. The HEFT 4 was designed by Tommaso Rumici with input from Robert Young Pelton and is manufactured by LionSteel of Maniago, Northern Italy. See it at