Boker Cera-Titan Kitchen Knives
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The Cera-Titan series from Boker features the title Cera-Titan titanium alloy. Cera-Titan is a titanium alloy with capabilities similar to ceramics, but easier to sharpen and without the brittleness. Tests have shown that the Cera-Titan metal is not only much lighter than steel, but that it also keeps an edge longer than high quality Solingen, Germany and Seki, Japan steels. It is also 100% corrosion resistant. The Cera-Titan blade is complemented with an exotic Ziracote wood handle.

The light weight, combined with the slim profile, allows precise control for the skilled user. The Cera-Titan utility knife, the first model to arrive at the Knife Center, particularly benefits from this thin profile, which grants more versatility in cutting soft skinned fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, without squishing them.

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More information from Boker:


  • One of the most lightweight and
  • sharpest metal blades in the world.
  • Guarantees fatigue-proof and
  • effective cutting.
  • Highest edge retention of all metal
  • blades.
  • 100% corrosion resistant.
  • Tough and flexible blade steel.