Victorinox Swiss Army 125th Anniversary Heritage Knife
Victorinox Swiss Army 125th Anniversary Heritage Knife
The classics are always a hit with collectors and this one from Swiss Army Knives is a great one. It really feels like a knife from the early 1900’s and it classically presented in gift boxes. They are serialized.
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Swiss Army has the following to say about them:

Style Number: 51884
Size: 100 mm | 4 inch

Inspired by our original Victorinox Soldier Knife. For 2009, we proudly offer this limited edition replica that is as certain to delight today’s collectors as our original Soldier Knife delighted the Swiss Army at the end of the 19th century. Each knife will come with a certificate of authenticity and numbered 1-1,884, along with a reproduction of the original blueprint. There will be 4 collections or 1,884 pieces made for various parts of the world. Collection “IV” is designated for North America. Presented in commemorative packaging.


* Large Blade
* Reamer/Punch
* Can Opener
* Screwdriver
* Ebony hardwood handles
* First class stainless steel