Krudo Knives Lots of NewStuff!

We’ve been selling Krudo Knives at the KnifeCenter for some years now, but we have recently expanded the selection greatly. Designed by martial arts expert Louis Krudo, these self defense tools are designed to help the user fend off and disable an attacker. Louis is a real knife-guy and a great character that we greatly admire. The design of his self defense knives is unlike anything else you have seen. While several of these SNAG tools are unsharpened, they’re not limited to use as “trainers”-most of the Krudo “pain management techniques” utilize the unsharpened, textured hook to grab or apply pressure to an assailant.

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More from Krudo knives:

Versatile – can be used without an edge or point but is available with both! Dynamic – your imagination is the only limit to its capabilities. Devastating – ensures your intended subject experiences the most in “Pain Management”. Simple – designed to take the guess work out of the application. Easy to Use – because of the shape and leverage, smaller individuals with diminished strength can deploy the SNAG just as competently and with the same effects as individuals much larger and stronger.