Columbia River Turtle Very Cool Knives
Columbia River Knife and Tool Turtle Folders
We claim a lot of items are “cool” and they all are, but these are “very cool.” The Turtles are not expensive or elaborate, but very well designed and constructed. They fit nicely into your lifestyle as money clips, pendants, key ring tools or pocket jewelry. These are great. Read on for a lot more information:
Is it a knife? Is it a money clip? Is it a pendant? Is it a key fob? Yes. Now you can afford a Boyd Ashworth-designed Turtle™ knife.

We first noted Georgia custom knifemaker and Knifemakers’ Guild member Boyd Ashworth when his custom “Thomas C. Turtle” models won back-to-back Best Miniature Folder awards at consecutive Blade Shows. These innovative little jewels were marked by the use of Boyd’s own Damascus steels and exotic materials such as mother-of-pearl, wooly mammoth, fossil walrus, and gold. Consequently, you could spend close to four figures to own one.

We thought the concept of the pendant/money clip knife was brilliant, and came up with our new production Ashworth Turtle™ series. No, there are no exotic materials, but this is a useful pen knife suited to hundreds of daily tasks around the house and office, from clipping recipes to opening packages to sharpening pencils. The 1.0” Razor-Sharp stubby spear point blade is polished high-carbon stainless steel. Just press the blade tang to open with either hand.

In lieu of exotic handle scale materials, we discovered today’s advanced CPL composites, used widely in modern bowling balls. This material is exceptionally strong and tough. The scales can be injection molded in an almost infinite variety of colors and swirl patterns. Four scale colors are available: black, brown, blue and white. Because of the molding process, the swirl patterns vary considerably, so every Turtle is unique.

The Turtle frame is high-carbon stainless steel, available in a polished finish or black anthracite titanium nitride coating.

We engineered the CRKT Turtle to be convertible. It comes with one CPL handle scale on the front and a polished stainless money clip on the back. If you decide to wear it as a pendant on your favorite neck chain (not included), simply unscrew the money clip, and attach the second CPL scale on the back. Then fold out the hidden chain holder and you are ready to make a fashion statement.

Yes, they are cute little knives, only 2.0” long when folded, and weighing only 1.3 ounces. They make great conversation pieces and are useful and affordable gifts both for men and for women. Believe us, if they have everything else, they don’t have one of these.And by the way, no Turtles were harmed during the filming of this web page.


* Blade: Length: 1.00” (2.5 cm)
* Thickness: 0.08” (0.21 cm)
* Steel: 3Cr13, 52-55 HRC
* Closed: Handle length: 2.00” (5.0 cm)
* Open: Overall length: 3.00” (7.6 cm)
* Weight: 1.3 oz. (37 g) (with scales)
* 1.6 oz. (45 g) (with clip)

About the Knife Designer
Boyd Ashworth is a custom knifemaker whose workshop is located in Powder Springs, Georgia. He is a Journeymansmith with The American Bladesmith Society. He says, “I sold my first custom knife in 1993. Much of my knifemaking education has come from the Mastersmith’s teaching at the annual Jim Batson Blade Symposium. I enjoy forging my own Damascus steel. My specialties are turtle folders with mosaic turtle Damascus, locking Damascus folders, along with fighters, hunters and gents. I also offer filework and exotic handle materials. My interest in knives has been lifelong. During my youth as an Eagle Scout going hunting, fishing and camping, I developed an appreciation for an expertly crafted knife.” He has a vivid, creative imagination and a flair for incorporating organic and animal forms into his custom art knives with names such as “Pocket Goblin” and “One Arm Bandit.” Boyd’s folding turtle knife won back-to-back “Best Miniature Folder” awards at the Blade Show in 2001 and 2002.