Innovative Italian Craftsmanship

LionSteel knives are known for their impeccable quality, and the company is always looking to stretch the limits of modern manufacturing technology. They were the first to bring an integral frame lock design to production. For 2020, they’ve done it again – this time with a traditional slipjoint.

The New Thrill is an integral slipjoint, which means that the entire handle (excluding the clip, but more on that later) is made from a single piece of metal. It’s a time consuming and expensive way to manufacture a knife, but it results in an exceptionally strong and rigid handle. Integral knives also have an exceptionally clean look; without the need for any fasteners it’s just a handle, a pivot, and a blade.

David C. Andersen discusses the new LionSteel Thrill Integral Slipjoint at SHOT Show 2020

LionSteel have also added their push-button pocket clip to the design. It sits flush with the handle when you’re using your knife, and deploys with a pinch to slip onto your pocket. It’s a nice nod to clip-less traditional knife design, while still maintaining the convenience of a pocket clip.

The Thrill will be available in several colors of aluminum or titanium, all featuring a 3.15 blade made from M390 steel.


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