The Best Knife Steel Deals Under $150

Modern steel technology has grown leaps and bounds in the last couple of decades and it’s changed the way we experience our knives. Today we can achieve long-lasting edge retention that was unheard of just a generation ago. Remember your grandfather’s old pocket knife that was sharpened down to just a sliver of a blade? Well, if his old knife was made with one of these steels there would still be a lot of usable blade left because he wouldn’t have needed to sharpen it so often. The best part of this new crop of steels is that a lot of the best options have been coming down in price, making high-performance even more attainable. We’ve rounded up eight knives with eight supersteels and all of them can be had for less than 150 bucks. Sometimes even far less! Continue Reading

LionSteel TM1 CB Folding Knife

LionSteel TM1 CB Folding Knife

The TM1 is the second knife from LionSteel to utilize their single piece handle construction and first to use the double spring lockback mechanism. It’s available in either Micarta or Carbon Fiber, both are exceptionally strong and impervious to most types of debris. With the benefits of a lockback and reversible pocket clip in the design, the TM1 enables ease of use for right and left handed users. The blade is a wide, sheepsfoot design with plenty of belly and a strong tip. Another great addition from LionSteel, take a closer look at

LionSteel TM1 Folders

LionSteel TM1 Folders

The LionSteel TM1 is another sensational design from Molletta. Previous solid handle folders were frame locks i.e. the SR-1 and 2 as well as the TiSpine. The TM1 spent much time in development to get the solid handle and lockback mechanism to work correctly and we’re glad they found a way in the end. It uses a double spring lockback mechanism which is strong and has the added benefit of being fully ambidextrous for right and left handed users. Another first for LionSteel is their incorporation of the IKBS ball bearing pivot which ensures top notch performance and extremely smooth action. The handle is made from a single piece of either Micarta or Carbon Fiber and then CNC machined into a strong, extremely ergonomic shape for a comfortable grip. This is by far the fastest, most ergonomic folder so far from LionSteel, take a closer look at

Blade Show 2012 Award Winners

Blade Show 2012 Award Winners

2012 Industry Achievement: Knife Rights & AKTI

2012 Accessory of the Year: Wicked Edge Precision Sharpener Pro-Pack I

2012 Kitchen Knife of the Year: Shun Tayo Kitchen Knife

2012 Investor Collector Knife of the Year: William Henry B12 Freedom

2012 Collaboration of the Year: Zero Tolerance & RJ Martin 0600

2012 Best Buy of the Year: Kershaw Cryo

2012 Manufacturing Quality Award : Chris Reeve Knives

2012 Hall of Fame Inductee: Harold Kit Carson

2012 Most Innovative Imported Design: Lionsteel DPX Gear HEST 2.0

2012 Most Innovative American Design: Spyderco Autonomy

2012 Imported Knife of the Year: CRKT Ken Onion Foresight

2012 American Made Knife of the Year: Microtech Socom Delta

2012 Overall Knife of the Year: Zero Tolerance 0888

New LionSteel in Stock at the KnifeCenter

New LionSteel in Stock at the KnifeCenter

LionSteel is an Italian knife company and, if you haven’t heard of them, it’s about time you did. They’re not a new company by any means but are gaining recognition throughout the knife industry for their extremely beautiful and high quality tools. LionSteel, like many companies, has a flagship model which they’re best known for; the SR-1. It’s a large, tactical/combat, frame-lock folder with a wicked 3.7″ blade and a handle made from one solid piece of machined aluminum or titanium. This makes this knife one of the stoutest on the market. LionSteel also manufactures some EDC/gentleman’s folding knives and higher end money clips but they are best known for their recent collaborations with DPx Gear for the HEST Folder and with Spyderco for the LionSpy. Everything is done in-house in Maniago, Italy from design and conception to stamping and finishing to ensure the utmost quality control. See the new LionSteel products at

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