Benchmade Turned Slim Tactical Pen Series
Benchmade Turned Slim Tactical Pen Series
Benchmade Pens have been popular but they are full size. A lot of military shirts have a pocket for a pen and the regular series of Benchmade pens will sometimes be a little large for them. They brought out this new series with a slimmer profile and the same refills. we like them a lot.
Here is the Benchmade info:

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* Low Profile, Slim Tactical Sizing
* CNC Machined Body Cap and Grip
* Non-Reflective Anodized Components for Tactical Applications
* Replaceable Ink Cartridges by Fisher Pen Company


* Thickness: 0.39″
* Open w/out Cap: 4.38″
* Closed w/ Cap
* Weight: 0.50oz.
* Made in USA

Compatible with these black and blue Fisher Space Pen refills.