Blackjack Tac Ops Camp and Combat Knives

Blackjack Knives aren’t as well known as ESEE or Ontario but they should be with the high quality, excellent designs they are producing right here in the USA. The newest knives from Blackjack to come through our door were the Tac Ops Ranger Series featuring convex ground 1095 carbon steel blades with a powder coating to match the handle color. Made from lightly textured Micarta, the handles are ergonomic, durable, and available in a variety of colors. The included black Kydex sheath secures the knife tightly and comes with a premolded belt loop that can be switched for vertical or horizontal carry. A good looking and feeling knife with a lot of survival and tactical function, Blackjack Knives have got a winner with the Tac Ops Ranger Series of knives. Get yours at

More about Blackjack Knives’ Convex Grind:

There is nothing New about Convex Grinds or Convex Edges. All Knives-Swords-Axes and Cutting Tools have been Convex Ground and Sharpened from the Bronze Age to about 1900. The Advent of Automated Grinding during the Industrial Revolution saw the first V-Bevel methods of Sharpening knives. This was necessary because there are no machines–even today–that can do a proper Convex Grind or Convex Edge.

Convex Grinds and Edges are all Hand Done. The Advantage of the Convex Edge is that it supports the Carbides on the Cutting Edge by an almost 400% advantage to the -now common- V Bevel.

Convex Edges hold thier level of sharpness far longer than a V bevel and are 4 times tougher. They are also deceptivly sharp. The Thick Edge Spine holds the carbides on the edge to such a longer degree that the knife stays sharper far longer and will still cut long after a conventional V bevel has gone stone dull. Convex Edges are also the Easiest to Maintain and restore. A quick strop and they are right back to Razor Sharpness.

All of Blackjack Knives are Hand Convex and Hand Sharpened in the Traditional Manner to give you the Ultimate in cutting performance without compromising strength and toughness.