Boker Fred Perrin Shark Neck Knife

Boker Fred Perrin Shark Neck Knife
Boker Fred Perrin Shark Neck Knife
Boker Knives releases a new Fred Perrin designed neck knife. We’ve been selling Fred Perrin designs here at the KnifeCenter of the InterNet for many years. His small fixed blade have had an incredible impact on the knife market from the beginning. This new Boker Magnum SHARK neck knife is true to his form and it is an awesome small knife. The emphasis is on “small” with a mere 1.3 inch cutting edge and a very small overall size, this is a real backup item. It fits snuggly into the Kydex neck sheath.You can see them at
Here is the description from Boker:
Fred Perrin is a former member of the French Special Forces, and well known as a close combat instructor. His knife concepts are simple yet effective. Many of his models are carried as back-up knives for professional users, and are widely accepted due to their reliability. These models feature rugged full tang construction, and are crafted of 440C stainless steel, which provides outstanding edge retention. All knives are based on the same philosophy: 100% carry comfort and extremely safe handling in various situations, even when under stress or in emergency situations.

Small yet effective. When you grab this knife for the first time, you will notice the extremely secure and comfortable grip. The fine tip and the chisel grind make it rugged and versatile, and offer a lot of cutting power in various situations. Comes with a hand-fitted Kydex neck sheath. Blade length: 1 3/8″. Overall length: 3 5/8″. Weight: 1.5 oz.

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