Boker Leo-Damascus® V Damascus Steel Blade with 600 Layers
Boker Leo-Damascus® V Damascus Steel Blade with 600 Layers
Boker damascus blade knives have been really popular for many years here at the Knife Center. Boker does the best job of any production knife company. Now, they are entering the “custom world.” Boker Leo-Damascus is incredible. With steel taken from the gun barrel of a military tank, the blade has 600 layers of steel in a beautiful pattern. This fixed blade is awesome and shows Boker’s latest tendency towards custom level products from Germany. These are highly collectible and limited in production. Very few are allocated to the US market.
Here is Boker’s description:

LEO DAMASCUS® V CUSTOM. With the presentation of the first semi-integral knife forged entirely out of Leo Damascus® steel, a new chapter begins in the great success of this exclusive blade material. The legendary Damascus steel is handforged out of the gun barrel of the German battle tank, Leopard. The superior qualities of this high performance steel quickly gained many fans within the worldwide knife community. With the new Leo Damascus V, a new forging standard is set. At first, three different steels (tool and ball bearing steels) were forged together by hand with the Leopard gun barrel steel to create this unique material. In this complex and technically demanding process, Damascus barrels are forged with 600 layers, each barrel more than 1 ½” thick! Out of these barrels, pieces are cut and then traditionally drop-forged to the billet at a temperature of more than 1100° F. For this new forging process of previously forged 600-layer tank steel, the enormous pressure of 600 tons is required. The successful realization of this extremely technically demanding process called for the expert know-how of the Boker R & D department in Solingen. Due to the various forging procedures and by the unpredictable flowing process of the single Damascus layers in the die-forge, each Leo Damascus V Custom knife features a completely unique and individual Damascus structure. Each knife is a distinctive work of art, like a handmade single piece production. The Leo Damascus V steel is hand manufactured to a complete integral knife, which offers superior cutting capabilities and a Rockwell hardness of 65-67° HRC.

The manufacturing of these knives happens one-a-piece, as known normally only by knifemakers. In a successful cooperation with the German knife forger, Teyke, each knife is handcrafted individually in our manufacturing plant in Solingen. The handle scales are made of carefully selected desert ironwood, matching the structure of the Damascus on each blade, and only the finest pieces will be chosen for this knife. This exclusive production is strictly limited to just 250 pieces worldwide. Each Leo Damascus V Custom knife is individually serial numbered and will be delivered in a wooden collectors box with a certificate of authenticity and an exclusive high quality leather sheath. Overall length: 7 ¾”. Blade length: 3 ¾”. Weight: 6 oz.

One piece of 600 layers of handforged Leo-Damascus®.