Chris Reeve Damascus Large Sebenzas
Chris Reeve Large Sebenzas with Devon Thomas Stainless Ladder pattern Damascus
Chris Reeve Sebenzas have been call the finest “mid-tech” folders ever made. “Mid-tech” refers to knives that are not quite custom because more than one person has a hand in making them and they are not really production knives because there is not a massive assembly line process involved. If you combine that with the incomparable Devon Thomas stainless Damascus steel that is in these blades as well as the great, unique handle designs, you have a collectible that will hold its value forever! Of course, Chris Reeve stands behind his products always and will always recondition one of his knives if you send it in to him.
A few words about the Damascus in these folders: Devon Thomas is recognized as, perhaps, the finest Damascus maker in the world. Most Damascus is made from 2 types of carbon steel, but Chris decided to put super premium stainless Damascus on these. The pattern is swirled tightly to give a ladder pattern and the swirls are so tight that the blade has a chatoyance or play of light like a tigers eye stone.