Boker Magnetic Wood Kitchen Knife Block
Boker Magnetic Wood Kitchen Knife Block
A better Idea! We like this new knife storage system from Boker of Germany. The idea is a combination of a knife block and a wall magnet. Use strips of wood and put the strong magnets in them and you have an effective and attractive system. We have them in three colors. They are made in Germany. We have them at:
Here is the info from Boker:

The beauty of your kitchen knives deserves a fashionable, yet functional storage device. This knife block design shows the elegance of fine knives even when not in use. It also lets you identify the required knife immediately. Each of the seven segments houses a magnet with enough power to hold the knife securely, but still allows easy accessibility when needed.

The flat surfaces make it very easy to keep clean, with no tight slots or holes that can collect any dust or grime. The ash wood provides stability and style at the same time. Matches perfectly to the Boker Damascus kitchen knife series, but also holds up to seven other knives with the following blade lengths: 5 1/2″, 6 1/4″, 7″, 7 7/8″, 8 5/8″, and two 9 1/2″. Made in Solingen, Germany.