Buck New 300 Series with Wood handles- USA Made
Buck’s New 300 Series with Wood handles- USA Made
Buck knives has been producing the 300 series as long as we can remember. They are small, mostly multiblade folders that are easy to carry and well made. They have always been American made until Buck brought in some China imports last year with wood handles. These new ones, however, also have wood (Dymonwood- laminated birch with stabilizing). They are handsome looking and well made in Buck’s new Idaho factory.
Here is Buck’s info:
300 Series – An American Tradition

Every American boy dreams of the day when he gets his first pocket knife. For generations, that pocket knife has been one of the 300 Series knives from Buck. These multi-purpose folders are more than just knives, they are companions as you navigate the outdoors and explore life. The 300 Series pocket knives are as American as Buck. This 300 series collection offers Dymondwood® handles, Buck’s logo emblem and a leather sheath.