Cold Steel Black Rock Hunter
Cold Steel Black Rock Hunter with Rotating Handle
This is a unique, low priced “using” knife. Perfect for back country treks or for having in the tool box for general use. The handle rotates around to cover the blade and back again to reveal it- spring locking in both positions.
Here is Cold Steels information:
Knife manufacturers generally try to build a modicum of safety into the knives they create. A folding knife’s sharp edge should fold into its handle for example, or a fixed blade will come with some kind of sheath to house it. Cold Steel obviously takes this task more seriously than most of our competitors.

Accidents do, however, happen. A folding knife can accidentally open in the pocket or fall out and pop open. Or an unsecured fixed blade can fall out of its sheath. This is especially true for hunters, climbers, hikers, backpackers and outdoorsmen in general who spend a great deal of time on uneven, sometimes wet, terrain where they might trip and compound their injuries because the knife they wore came loose or opened at an inopportune time.

The Cold Steel Black Rock Hunter has been specifically designed to address this problem. It stays firmly closed until it’s needed and then locks rigidly open while in use. Its twin Grivory handles feature two integral springs (similar to a conventional slip joint folder) that are designed to rotate 180 degrees around the blade’s unique split tang and use strong opposing spring tension to lock the blade open or hold it firmly closed. When carried in the closed position the channel cut into the inside of each handle totally encapsulates the blade and holds it in place by a substantially strong spring tension. To open the knife, both handles have to be rotated 180 degrees to assume a new position on the tang where the springs can once again supply opposing tension and lock the knife open.

The advantages are threefold. First, due to the considerable spring tension holding the handles closed, it’s very unlikely the knife will ever open inadvertently in your pocket or even “pop open” if dropped violently on the ground.

Second, the Black Rock Hunter requires the use of both hands to make the four distinct movements required to rotate both handles 180 degrees from closed to open. The Black Rock Hunter” target=”_blank is not a butterfly knife, gravity knife, flick knife or switchblade. It can’t be opened by a wrist snap, or any single-handed opening technique. It offers a significant margin of safety and, because of the way it’s opened, it’s legal to possess in most countries, states or jurisdictions that unreasonably ban the sale of even the most innocent one-handed openers.

Third, and most importantly, the Black Rock Hunter offers a simple, fool proof, maintenance free lock that’s virtually impossible to overcome. Positive pressure on the lock from cutting and chopping strokes and negative pressure from sticking, digging or prying is absorbed equally as well by super strong opposing spring tension.


* Blade: 4″
* Handle: 4 3/4″
* Overall: 8 3/4″
* Thick: 3.5mm
* Weight: 3.9 oz.
* Steel: Japanese AUS 8A Stainless