Cold Steel Boar Hunter 8.75" Fixed Blade
Cold Steel Boar Hunter 8.75″ Fixed Blade
Need a massive fixed blade at a really great price that still is really well made? Who doesn’t. Cold Steel is just the company to produce it and this 8.75″ boar hunter qualifies. OMG- it’s massive and still under $60! Plus, it has a sub-hilt which is hard to find- especially at a low price. AUS-8 stainless is a very good grade of steel, too.
Here is Cold Steel’s information:
Nothing’s more primal than hunting wild boar with nothing more than a knife. It’s the element of hazard that makes it a worthwhile experience. One catch dog falters, or loses his grip and you’re at the mercy of some sharp, angry tusks.

If you’re quick and skillful with a good knife like our new Boar Hunter, you might avoid this dangerous scenario.

The Boar Hunter comes with an extra wide Celtic style blade, a long sloping point and a superbly hollow ground edge. It supplies the decisive piercing power you’ll need to drop the biggest, meanest boar. Your hand won’t slip up on the blade either, because the handle (borrowed from Cold Steel’s OSS) has an integral double guard and sub-hilt!

Complete with an ambidextrous Secure-Ex® sheath that will accommodate just about any belt, the Boar Hunter is a lightweight, life safer you’ll want at your side on your next hunt.


* Weight: 8.7oz
* Thick: 4.7mm
* Blade: 8 3/4″
* Handle: 5 1/8″ Kraton®
* Steel: Japanese AUS 8A Stainless
* Overall: 13 7/8″
* Secure-Ex® Sheath