Dear Knife Center of the Internet Readers/Blog-Followers:

I am very excited to announce the partnering of the Hawke Knife Brand with Knife Center of the Internet! They carry the best products and it is an honor to be counted as one of their newest brands. The Knife Center demands the highest standards if one wants to be considered worthy of their outstanding reputation and I’ll tell you; my new Mykel Hawke Brand delivers!
All Mykel Hawke brand designs originate with my experience of 30 years of Military & Special Forces Combat experience from the lowest enlisted rank, to the commanding officer rank and my 20+ years of teaching and doing extreme survival all over the world. I bring a lot of education with my Master’s degree, a lot of smarts with my 7 languages and a lot of martial art with my multiple black belt degrees.
All this means is that a lot of hard earned experience and real dirt-time skills go into every Hawke design. We have a great many new products coming that are sure to change the industry standards for many years to come.
A sincere thanks to Knife Center and a special thanks to you who live by the blade!
My best to y’all

Mykel Hawke