Zombie slaying will be a way of life in the future but luckily for us there are knives out now ready for the apocalypse. Pre splattered blood and zombie green colors are a popular style for zombie fighting weaponry, and here are 5 knives we recommend.

Brous Blades Zombie Green Coroner

With it’s massive blade and saw back teeth the Coroner by Brous Blades will make a great tool in your zombie slaying journey.

United Cutlery M48 Apocalypse

The M48 Apocalypse is a fantastic and economical way to arm your zombie fighting crew. It also features a sawback for the tougher situations that you might encounter.

KA-BAR Zombie Killer Series

Kabar offers a wide range of zombie killing tools, along with machetes and folders.

Microtech Zombie Green Socom Delta

There’s no doubt that Microtech knives are high quality and zombie ready. Pre covered with blood and a hazard symbol the Zombie Green Socom Delta will look sharp in and out of your pocket.

Venom Green ESEE Izula

The ESEE Izula is one of the classic neck knives, and the new venom green color gives it that post-apocalyptic flare.