This Holiday Season:
In this holiday season, I want to give thanks to everyone around us who makes our lives fulfilled and worthwhile. First, I want to thank our many wonderful customers who visit the Knife Center throughout the year for their continued support. The Knife Center is a labor of love by all who work here! I work to keep the site fresh with new items regularly to be featured on the home page and this blog. Josh, Jason, and Matt work tirelessly to find the items for the site and to keep everyone here amused all day long. Kristin, Katelin, Jayne, Patty and Tom man the front desks and will help with your issues and help keep everything running smoothly. There’s a lot more responsible for getting everything to you in time and they are an all-around great group of people here to help you.

We try to be diligent in creating and conveying value to our customers in our products and our service. I sincerely hope that we accomplish this and welcome you to give me your feedback either positive or negative. I wish everyone a fulfilling New Year and hope that everyone’s dreams and aspirations are realized.

Howard Korn: Founder and Owner of the KnifeCenter of the Internet.