KA-BAR Becker Magnum Camp Knife
KA-BAR Becker Magnum Camp Knife 8″ Blade
This Becker Knife and Tool Camp knife from Ka Bar Knives is a world class product. It has all the features one wants for a full size tool. It is a lighter weight knife than many others of its length and so it is easy to use and easy to carry. This knife can work as a combat knife or a hunting knife or even a kitchen knife! If you want just one full size knife, this Magnum Camp knife may be it. You can list all Becker Knife and Tool products, or list all Ka Bar Products or see this knife at www.knifecenter.com
More information about this great camp knife:

The 0.188″ Becker Magnum Camp is the perfect field knife.


* Overall Length: 13-1/2″
* Blade Length: 8″
* Thickness: 0.188″
* Blade Material: 1095CV Carbon Steel
* Blade Coating: Black Epoxy Powder Coat
* Handle Material: Grivory GV-6H
* Fasteners: Hex Hd Cap Screws 10-32UNF x 5/8”L / 10-32UNF Nut
* Sheath: Nylon Fabric w/h Fiber Liner
* Knife Made in USA;

Here’s one man’s opinion of the Becker Magnum Camp Knife:
I have been collecting knives for years now, and I have a little bit of everything. I just got this knife in hand today, and I can say without a doubt that it is an instant favorite among many, many knives. After doing a little research on Bladeforums.com, I discovered that this design has been around for quite a while, and was a collaborative effort between Ethan Becker and ABS Mastersmith Jerry Fisk. This design (the BK5) has been produced by a couple different companies over the years, namely Blackjack and Camillus, and has just recently come back into production through KA-Bar. It also seems that there is somewhat of a following behind this knife, and I can see why. It succeeds on so many levels: It is ground from what looks like 3/16 stock and comes down to an EXTREMELY sharp edge. The thinner stock gives the knife a lighter, nimble feel in the hand, and also greatly improves it’s cutting ability while still feeling very sturdy. It has a very comfortable handle, and a nice acute point. The knife screams versatility, and in my opinion, would be just as suited for kitchen duty as it would a defensive role in a combat scenario. Just an all around GREAT blade, and one that I will be enjoying for some time to come. You can’t go wrong with this one.