This week on Spotlight Series we have a very special KnifeCenter exclusive that we’re super excited to be able to bring to you. When it comes to Benchmade gentlemen’s folders the Nakamura is one of the very best, and the elegant knife just got even more sophisticated with the addition of gorgeous wooden handle scales.

As far as its overall size and shape, this version is the same as the other varieties of Nakamura that have come before. But as far as I’m concerned, the wooden handle scales really take the aesthetics to another level, with the darker finish on the wood nicely offsetting the lighter stonewash finish of the blade. The cherry on top is the slick orange pivot accent, which matches the barrel spacers, making this an all-around eye-popping piece.

Fortunately this knife is much more than just eye candy. The deployment action is just as smooth and responsive as is typical for Benchmade, with the ambidextrous thumb studs making for some snappy action using either the thumb or middle finger. Blade is a 3.08″ in a drop point shape, manufactured from M390 stainless steel. The M390 is going to be good for edge retention and corrosion resistance, so you’re going to get some solid use out of this knife. Blade is held in place with Benchmade’s trademark AXIS lock, which also gives you another method to snap the blade out quickly.

Handle is the same shape as previous Nakamura models, but the smooth, contoured wood gives it pretty much an all-new hand feel. The already ergonomic shape feels really comfortable to hold, and the four finger indents give you that sense of control you want. Add in a reversible, tip-up pocket clip and this is a great all-around package.

Overall, Benchmade is without question one of the best in the business, the Nakamura is a terrific design, and this wooden variation may be the most elegant version yet. To learn more about this exclusive, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit