This weekend our special is another unique product from the outside-the-box thinkers over at Cold Steel knives. Designed to evoke the classic switchblades of the 1950s, the Ti-Lite quickly became a Cold Steel favorite, but was unattainable to many due to its higher price point. Cold Steel rectified that situation with the 26SP, a smaller, affordable variation of the design.

The thing I love the most about this knife is how much versatility you have when it comes to how you choose to open it. The most obvious is the thumb stud, which grants you a super swift, snappy action. That’s probably going to be the preferred method for most users. The secondary action is to snag the backside of the double finger guard on your pants during a pocket draw for a quick wave-style opening.

If you want to get really crazy, you can also use the finger guard with your thumb like a front flipper, or snag the jimping on the finger side of the guard and use it like a regular flipper. This staggering variety of deployment methods make the Ti-Lite a lot of fun to open. The one detractor I can see on this model is the liner lock, which is a little difficult to disengage due to its stiff lock-up and smooth finish, but that’s preferable to the alternative of a loose, unsafe lock.

Handling is pretty comfortable, considering the straight shape of the handle. It’s a good size and a nice width, so it feels substantial in the hand, and grants you some excellent dexterity in either your forward or reverse grips. Handle scales are a glass-reinforced Zy-Ex, which is durable and impact resistant and its use was one of the ways Cold Steel was able to get these to their affordable price point. The scales are built over some sturdy stainless steel liners, so this is an all-around solid knife, with a nice 4″ spear point blade that comes razor sharp out of the box.

Overall, the Cold Steel Ti-Lite is a fun, functional folder that makes a great alternative for folks who would love to have a switchblade but also need a knife that’s not illegal to carry. To learn more about this knife, click here. To see our entire inventory, visit