LionSteel TM1 Folders

The LionSteel TM1 is another sensational design from Molletta. Previous solid handle folders were frame locks i.e. the SR-1 and 2 as well as the TiSpine. The TM1 spent much time in development to get the solid handle and lockback mechanism to work correctly and we’re glad they found a way in the end. It uses a double spring lockback mechanism which is strong and has the added benefit of being fully ambidextrous for right and left handed users. Another first for LionSteel is their incorporation of the IKBS ball bearing pivot which ensures top notch performance and extremely smooth action. The handle is made from a single piece of either Micarta or Carbon Fiber and then CNC machined into a strong, extremely ergonomic shape for a comfortable grip. This is by far the fastest, most ergonomic folder so far from LionSteel, take a closer look at