Columbia River Gallagher Designed Glide Locks
Columbia River comes up with a new design about every 2 minutes and this latest one is elegant and different. It has a stylish handle shape and features their new handle material called “CPL composite materials” that seems to work very well.
Here is the description from Columbia River Knife and Tools

It’s a gentleman’s knife that would be at home in New Orleans in 1908, with a patent-pending high-tech CNC-machined lock from 2008.

No, Jelly Roll Morton didn’t own a Gallagher Glide Lock™ folder at the turn of the last century. But if he had carried one into an ornately decorated saloon, it would have looked right at home. Barry Gallagher designed the Glide Lock folder series in the great tradition of the personal folder from times gone by, with a nod to the classic style of the era.

But the sleek, natural look of Barry’s Glide Lock depends on two very modern technologies.

The first is the patent-pending Glide Lock mechanism invented by knifemaker Charles Kain of Indianapolis, Indiana. This compact design can reach production thanks to high-precision CNC machining. It relies on a sliding stainless steel mechanism hidden within one bolster. Slide the bolster out, and it creates a tang to rotate the blade open. Slide the bolster back and the blade is locked open. To close, slide the bolster out and and rotate the blade closed with your index finger. Slide the bolster back to lock the Glide Lock closed. It’s fast, lightweight, compact, and secure.

The second technology is the development of CPL composite materials similar to those used in today’s modern bowling balls. The swirls that result from injection molding resemble those found in natural materials such as amber, jade and mother-of-pearl. However, the CPL material is tougher, stronger, and lighter than those natural materials, and can be used both on the Glide Lock scales and back spacer. The variegated swirls make each knife unique.

Barry Gallagher combined all this into a slender gentleman’s folder that fits comfortably in the hand and securely in any pocket. We are offering two models.

The premium Glide Lock Ltd. model features non-reflective titanium nitride coating on the blade and liners for ultimate corrosion resistance. Scales are a dramatic gray/blue swirled pattern.

We call these stylish and functional designs “gentleman’s knives,” but of course, you don’t have to be a gentleman to own one.


* Blade: Length: 2.875” (7.3 cm)
* Thickness: 0.085” (0.22 cm)
* Steel: AUS 4, 55-57 HRC
* Closed: Handle length: 3.60” (9.1 cm)
* Open: Overall length: 6.50” (16.5 cm)
* Weight: 1.6 oz. (45 g)

About the Knife Designer
Barry Gallagher is a custom knifemaker whose workshop is in Lewistown, Montana. He began making knives part-time in 1993 for local sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts who appreciated high performance tools and handmade craftsmanship. In 1994 he began hand-forging carbon steel blades and making basic Damascus steel, and in 1995 he became a full time knifemaker. He says, “My tastes, talent and technique have continuously evolved since the first knife I made. My passion for my work is stronger and more alive than it has ever been. Nothing is compromised in the making of any of my knives—nothing.” His knives have been featured in many knife annuals and magazines, including Blade and Knives Illustrated. His knives have received awards including Best Art Knife and Best of Show, Oregon Knife Collectors Association; Best Damascus and Best Folding Knife, PKA Show; and Best Collaboration, Blade Show.