Shadow Tech Knives is a new brand for us here at the KnifeCenter and we are excited to have them. They bring an entirely new design to the combat knife table with their Scorpion and Stinger models. Fit with cylindrical shaped blades and steep grinds, they were designed to be concealed self defense knives for tactical situations, perfect for stabbing. If those aren’t quite your style, the push daggers with their multi-position carry clip can do all the same jobs and more. They pack a lot of blade into their compact designs and the Kydex sheaths attach easily to any belt. See these new knives from Shadow Tech at

More from Shadow Tech Knives:

We have been in the cutlery business for over 11 years and our knives are built to be tough and still look good. We offer many different styles for you to choose from in various size so there’s a knife for everyone. Our sheath systems feature 32+ different positions to carry and a 45° draw option. Left, right, upside down, you name it, you can do it with our sheath carry options. We can’t think of a way not to carry it and all of our knives have a lifetime warranty!

The  Scorpion model was designed to be a covert carry self defense knife for law enforcement and military applications. The cylindrical blade and steep grind gives the knife the added strength for maximum penetration.

The Stinger is a smaller version of the Scorpion. It is designed to be a covert carry self defense knife which can be worn around the neck or laced into a boot.

The Push Daggers are the perfect last ditch weapon and come in a kydex sheath with several different carry positions. Just switch the clip and its left or right hand friendly.