SOG Fatcat ARC Lock Folder 4.5" Blade
SOG Fatcat ARC Lock Folder 4.5″ Blade
SOG has been coming up with some fantastic, high-end knives this year. They are truly some of the finest production items we offer and this new Fatcat is no exception. The Fatcat is the largest and most massive folder SOG has offered but it still has a light and fast feel. The two-tone blade and handle design make it an attractive item. Add the top quality materials and Japanese craftsmanship and that makes it a SOG!
Here is SOG’s information about this knife:
The Fatcat is like our Tomcat after exposure to high levels of radiation. The largest and most massive folder we have ever produced, the Fatcat is not intended for the main stream; It is designed to be exceptional with never before seen details such as a dual tone TiNi coated blade. Anyone who picks up this knife is amazed at the lightness and quickness, which is attributed to the solid machined Titanium handle. Once started, the gigantic VG-10 blade effortlessly spins open and locks up with one of the world’s greatest locks- the Arc-Lock™ . We have made a statement with the Fatcat… Are you ready to do the same? Limited production.


* Blade Length: 4.5″
* Overall Length: 10.125″
* Weight: 8.5 oz.
* Edge: Straight
* Steel: VG-10
* Handle: Titanium with Kraton Grips
* Finish: Satin
* Sheath: Nylon
* Made in Seki-City, Japan

The Arc-Lock™
The Arc-Lock just might be the perfect lock. Why? It is totally ambidextrous and has all of the attributes knife designers relentlessly search for, but rarely find.

The Arc-Lock far surpasses conventional lock strength, tested at over 1000 lbs of force measured at the lock in an independent lab test.

The Arc-Lock provides lightning-quick, one-handed opening and closing capability.

Safety: Spring-action securely retains the blade closed. When unlocking, the fingers are safely kept clear.

Durability: The Arc-Lock is self-adjusting over time and can be easily cleaned for long term optimal performance.