Spyderco C60GP Massad Ayoob Folding Knife 3-5/8
Spyderco C60GP Massad Ayoob Folding Knife 3-5/8″ VG10 Satin Plain Blade, Black G10 Handles
Spyderco Knives released the original Massad Ayoob folding pocketknife years ago. The design is very unusual looking with a distinctively upswept and thin blade. This latest rendition of the Spyderco Massad Ayoob Folding knife has all the bells and whistles. You can see them at www.knifecenter.com
Here is the real story from Spyderco Knives:
Masaad Ayoob is an established authority and writer on firearms and knives. For more than four decades he has taught defensive knife and firearm programs and appears frequently as an expert witness in trials involving edged weapons. Along the way he developed an all-purpose tactical folder suited to his preferences that is the Spyderco C60 Massad Ayoob CLIPIT.

Most unusual about his folder is its radical angle of the handle to the blade. Ayoob explains: “With a typical knife, thrusting lifts the blade’s point above the line of the forearm, like a boat prow going through water. The faster, harder or more resistance encountered, the higher the prow rises deviating the blade off course from its original target which can mitigate the depth of the cut and can cause the blade to literally ‘skid’ when a resistant surface is hit.”

The C60’s radical angle brings the blade into line with the long bones of the forearm, channeling the body’s force directly behind the line of the cut resulting in minimized blade deviation and maximized accuracy. Because of the blade to handle angle, the Ayoob has a short opening arc, translating into fast opening.

The Spyderco Masaad Ayoob features also include a PlainEdge VG-10 stainless steel blade with a deep belly for maximized slicing potential. It has a notably strong lock-back with a David Boye style release lever that helps ensure safe lock-up. The black G-10 handle has an ergonomic thumb rest at the rear of the blade and a steel pocket clip for right/left hand tip-down carry

The Spyderco Ayoob is a limited number Sprint Run.
Blade Length: 3-5/8″ (90 mm)
Cutting Edge: 3-1//4″ (84 mm)
Blade Thickness: 1/8″ (3 mm)
Overall Length: 8-5/8″ (219 mm)
Closed Length: 5-1/32″ (128 mm)
Hole Diameter: 15/32″ (12 mm)
Blade Steel: VG-0
Weight: 4.9 oz. (140 g)
Handle Material: G-10
Made in Japan