SureFire T1A Titan® Ultra Compact Tactical LED Flashlight 70 Max Lumens
SureFire T1A Titan® Ultra Compact Tactical LED Flashlight 70 Max Lumens
The Surefire Titan Flashlight is one cool light. First, it is tiny – barely bigger than the one CR123 lithium battery it takes. Then the output is incredible at 70 lumens MAX. Then there is the twist action that allows you to ramp down or up the lighting. Finally, of course, is the Surefire quality. All made in the USA to exacting specs, these flashlights are really cool.
Here is the information from Surefire Flashlights:
The ultra compact Surefire T1A Titan boasts impressive light output from a single 123A lithium battery, but it also offers a near infinite range of lower-output settings which allow you to conserve battery power or scale back output when needed. This is all made possible by Titan’s unique variable light output capability controlled by the simple twist of its bezel. Its virtually indestructible LED emitter and precision micro-textured reflector produce 70 lumens of smooth tactical-level light; that’s more than three times the output of a much larger two-D-cell flashlight. The stylish Surefire T1A Titan can be worn around your neck with its lanyard, attached to your keychain, or it can float free in your pocket for easy access. It can be worn as jewelry, or fend off an attacker—now that’s versatility.


* Virtually indestructible microprocessor-controlled LED maximizes output and runtime
* Bezel switch provides continuous light output from 0 to 70 lumens
* Precision micro-textured reflector produces bright central beam with a gradually diminishing surround beam
* Corrosion-proof, scratch-resistant aluminum body is hard anodized
* Impact-resistant Borofloat® window protects LED and maximizes light transmission
* Coated split ring ideal for attaching to keys or lanyard


* Max Output:
o High: 70 lumens
o Low: 1 lumen
* Runtime:
o High setting: 4 hours
o Low setting: 60 hours
* Length: 3.25 inches
* Weight: 2.0 ounces with batt.
* Battery: One 123A lithium