Kershaw Knives Tyrade Assisted Opener with G-10 Handles
Kershaw Knives Limited Edition Tyrade Assisted Opener with G-10 Handles
The Kershaw Tyrade is a very cool knife. The standard model Tyrade pocketknife is, however, a little pricey. That’s why we’re glad to see this model released with a more basic construction and at really reasonable price. Unfortunately, this is a limited run from Kershaw Knives, so grab one of these while they are available because they will be gone soon.
G10 handle slabs and a slightly less decorative blade finish and style allow this pocket knife to be marketed at a lower price point.
Here is Kershaw’s info:
Sword makers have long known that the ideal blade is a combination of different steels–each chosen for its unique properties. This is the secret of the samurai swords of legend. Now it’s also the secret of Kershaw’s composite blade knives. In a composite, the steels retain their own qualities while interfacing with each other and acting in concert. The technology that makes the modern composite blade possible delivers exactly the type of steel you need where you need it.

Each blade’s spine features stainless-steel–an extremely tough, high-temperature alloy originally designed for jet engines. But the cutting edge is built of of CPM-D2 for precision sharpening, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. It’s the perfection combination of resilience and cutting ability.

Composite Tyrade is Worth Having a Fit Over

Kershaw Knives combines this extreme composite blade functionality with extreme style in the Tyrade, designed by Ken Onion.

This Kershaw Tyrade folding knife features G-10 handles for strength and added grip that any knife enthusiast would be proud to own. Even better, the Tyrade features the patented SpeedSafe® assisted opening system for smooth, easy opening.

The Tyrade’s one-handed, index-finger opening design makes it smooth and easy to deploy–for both left and right-handed knife users. A frame lock ensures the blade stays securely in place until the user closes it.

A removable pocket clip is included as well. With features like these, Kershaw’s Tyrade is well worth having a fit over.

The Tyrade offers style, function, and advanced technology for knife users who wants to stay on the cutting edge.

Made in the USA – Designed by Ken Onion

* Limited Edition of 900 pieces
* Patented SpeedSafe assisted ambidextrous index-finger opening
* Patent pending composite blade with a spine of 154CM fused with a cutting edge of CPM-D2
* Beefy G-10 handles
* Removable pocket clip
* Limited lifetime warranty


* Steel: CPM-D2/154CM stainless-steel
* Handle: G-10
* Lock: Liner
* Blade: 3 5/8 in. (9.2 cm)