The Best Case Pocket Knives

Today we’re taking a look at some of our favorite Case knives of all time. When it comes to classic American pocket knives there is no company out there more closely tied with this tradition than Case. They’re primarily known for their non-locking slipjoint pocket knives but they also make modern folders and even fixed blades as well. However, we’re gonna focus on their best folding knives and we’ll show you a few of their classic patterns to illustrate.  

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Boker Evergreen Series Special Editions

Boker Evergreen Series Special Editions

Boker is well known for producing some of the highest quality pocket and fixed blade knives in the world. The Special Edition Evergreen Series with smooth olive wood handles are no exception. The beautifully brushed 440C blades come razor sharp and have an extremely strong detent providing solid lockup. All the handles are nicely rounded and very smooth for a comfortable, ergonomic grip. The inlaid Tree-Brand logo reads ‘Solingen’ underneath symbolizing the quality of manufacturing coming from one of the premier steel capitals of the world. These knives are serial numbered and limited to only 500 production pieces worldwide. Pick yours up for a great price at www.knifecenter.com.

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AITOR Tactical Survival Knives and More!

AITOR Tactical Survival Knives and More

AITOR is a Spanish knife manufacturer produced under the brand Pielcu and they’re producing some fine quality, excellent designs at reasonable prices. They gravitate toward supplying the true survivalist but¬†AITOR also makes one of the coolest tactical blades we’ve seen in the Oso Negro. It’s reminiscent of a Rambo style bowie knife but with a generous re-curve to the blade and extremely functional saw teeth on the spine. In fact all the survival designs with these same saw teeth are extremely sharp and bite really well for improved cutting performance. Sheaths on the AITOR survival knives are equipped with a small survival pack in a hidden compartment which generally include fishing and sewing kits, scalpel, compass, latex tubes (which can also attach to legs on the sheath to be used as a slingshot for hunting), and many other items depending on the particular model. They make camping utensils and other utility folding knives that are simple designs and good values for their overall quality. Check out the all the AITOR models at www.knifecenter.com.

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AITOR Castor Knives – Simple Yet Effective

Aitor Castor Knives- Simple Yet Effective

AITOR is a new brand for us here at the KnifeCenter, all the way from Spain. The Castor knife is a folding everyday carry slipjoint in a typical¬†Spanish style. The carbon steel leaf shaped blade is full flat ground, reminiscent of many Spydercos, which makes it a superb slicer. The handles are beautiful Bubinga wood, functionally designed, and contoured for an excellent fit in the hand. Available in three sizes, each knife is designed exactly the same, only about 0.4″ difference in the blade length. The Castor knives from AITOR are great utility tools at an excellent price, check them out at www.knifecenter.com.

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Spyderco Bug and Honeybee with Pearl Handles Great Gifts

Spyderco Bug and Honeybee with Pearl Handles
Great Gift Idea! – Spyderco Bug and Honeybee with Pearl Handles
We moved this blog post up to December because these are such a great gift idea and we don’t want them to be lost way down the blog list! Like the Spyderco Bug and Honeybee models couldn’t get much cooler! Just add some brilliant Mother of Pearl on the handles, some silver necklace chains and these are about as cool as a tiny knife can get. Every girlfriend and wife should have one- or two (since they come with the very stylish black pearl as well as bright white). See them at www.knifecenter.com

See the Colorful Droppoint UK Penknife Pocket Knives from Spyderco

Colorful Droppoint UK Penknife Pocket Knives
Non-Locking Colorful UK Penknives from Spyderco!

Slipjoints – aka non-locking backspring tensioned folders – have enjoyed a renaissance of late. Spyderco has been at the forefront of the renaissance with their UK pen knife series. Now they have begun manufacture of affordable Zytel handled versions right here in their Golden, CO facility. This means you can own an American made, one hand opening, super lightweight, reversible pocket clip carry Spyderco for less than 40 bucks!

See these knives at www.knifecenter.com

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Spyderco Bug (Miniature Knife) 1-5/16″ Plain Edge Blade

Spyderco Bug (Miniature Knife) 1-5/16" Plain Edge Blade
Spyderco Bug (Miniature Knife) 1-5/16" Plain Edge Blade
Spyderco is such a cool company. These are very cool tiny folders that are economically produced in China. That being said, they may turn out to be one of the most popular items in the Spyderco selection!
Tiny is the operative word with the following with a blade less than 1.5″. These are for sale, but, if you call us up with more than $100 of Spyderco on an order, we’ll include one for free (as long as they are readily available)!
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