AITOR Tactical Survival Knives and More

AITOR is a Spanish knife manufacturer produced under the brand Pielcu and they’re producing some fine quality, excellent designs at reasonable prices. They gravitate toward supplying the true survivalist but AITOR also makes one of the coolest tactical blades we’ve seen in the Oso Negro. It’s reminiscent of a Rambo style bowie knife but with a generous re-curve to the blade and extremely functional saw teeth on the spine. In fact all the survival designs with these same saw teeth are extremely sharp and bite really well for improved cutting performance. Sheaths on the AITOR survival knives are equipped with a small survival pack in a hidden compartment which generally include fishing and sewing kits, scalpel, compass, latex tubes (which can also attach to legs on the sheath to be used as a slingshot for hunting), and many other items depending on the particular model. They make camping utensils and other utility folding knives that are simple designs and good values for their overall quality. Check out the all the AITOR models at

More about AITOR:

Obsessed with offering our clients much more than a tool, the craftsmen and specialists atAITOR bring this miracle to life in every article we make. To do this, we only use thehighest quality steel alloys, shaping them into edges that shine and curves that surprise.We turn our hardwoods until they delight the eye and fit comfortable in your hand. We also extract the best properties from rubber, aluminum, wood, and synthetic resins in order to join them to our steel, creating tools worthy of the most expert hands.

That is what makes AITOR‘s products noble. A nobility born of metal, product of a job well done, that we are proud to place in your hands for more than 70 years.