Why You Need a Pena Signature Series Pena-Song Butterfly Knife

The Enrique Pena Signature Series Pena-Songs are the mid-tech versions of Pena’s full-on customs and they are one hundred percent American-made. They come in at about half the price of the custom versions but the fit, finish and attention to detail is unimpeachable. All the final assembly is performed by Pena himself to provide great hand-tuned flipping action. If you’ve been craving one of Enrique’s custom Balisongs but can’t swing the payment, these will be right up your alley. The delta in quality between the two is very narrow and you really aren’t giving up much by owning a Signature Series Pena-Song.

The Handles

Overall, these knives are on the larger side compared to most Balisongs. They’ve got a nice full grip with enough weight to carry momentum through very fluid motions. The smoothness of the action is addictive thanks to caged bearings the pivot that eliminate almost any resistance.

The frame itself is titanium and it’s been drilled out for both weight savings and extra traction. You can get them with a flat titanium finish or anodized green, blue or bronze. The anodized versions even sport a light stonewashed finish. There are also versions with Micarta¬†inlays over the titanium frame and these are actually a hair lighter than the drilled titanium versions. The green Micarta is a nice option as is the natural Micarta which almost looks like a nice slab of wood. This creates a really cool vibe that you don’t see too often on butterfly knives which tend to go for a more high-tech aesthetic. The micarta is great for a smoother texture and a cleaner look but the Titanium versions will definitely provide more grip if that’s what you’re after.

The latch itself on the end of the handles is very strong and there’s virtually no chance of the handles coming apart accidentally. There are titanium back spacers on the ends of each handle and these provide a nice place to pinch when disengaging the latch. Of course, it latches up nice and tight when the handles are open too, snapping into place with a strong detent.

The Blade

For those of you who use your Balisongs as actual cutting implements, the Pena Signature Series would make a great option. The blade itself is a broad drop point made from CPM-154 particle steel. The flats sport a nice horizontal grain with contrasting grain direction on the ground portions of the blade. It also has a full-length swedge and because the drop starts about midway up the¬†blade itself, with the back half completely straight, there’s some subtle-yet-cool visual tension.

Of course, that relief on the spine will also be helpful in reducing drag when you’re cutting through thicker materials. The primary grind is flat and the edge itself is very thin, offsetting some of the thickness of the blade and helping it to cut more efficiently.

So whether you’re a collector, flipper, or a user the Enrique Pena Signature Series Pena-song would make a phenomenal addition to your Balisong collection. They are a great value, not just as a high-end butterfly knife, but also as a more affordable Pena knife.

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David C. Andersen

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