Canal Street Cutlery Folding Hunter Chestnut Handles Leather Sheath
Canal Street Cutlery Folding Hunter Chestnut Handles Leather Sheath
Canal Street Cutlery does a great job of hand building knives top quality in the USA. We’re thrilled to offer these beautiful items and our customers are always impressed with the quality and beauty of Canal Street Cutlery products.
This new folding hunter is a real beauty. I’m not sure anyone will want to use it because it is so beautiful! The handle is made from reclaimed American Chestnut (see more below). The knife blade is mirror polished as are the liners and bolsters. Everything just fits and fits perfectly. Each is serial numbered and they are all limited editions made entirely in the USA! You can see these at
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* Item : 115109
* Description: 5-1/2″ Single Blade Folding Hunter, Locking Liner, Leather Sheath
* Handle Material: Reclaimed American Chestnut
* Steel: 440C Stainless Steel
* Polished Mark Side Blades
* Individually Numbered
* Made in USA

About the Chestnut handle material:

The Chestnut handle is recovered from the Hoover barn in Kentucky. The Hoover barn was located just outside of Hopkinsville, KY and was built around 1920. It served as an agricultural building until the late 1970’s when it was deemed too dangerous to house animals or to work out of due to its deteriorating condition..
The Hoovers were an Amish family who had bought the farm after moving there from Lancaster, PA in the 1050’s. It was a traditionally framed 20′ by 42′ two story with two 14 foot wide shelters. Most of the framing was Chestnut while the siding was a combination of Chestnut and Oak. It was deconstructed in late 2007 and has been used in various projects.

What you can expect from Canal Street Cutlery Co. LLC

1. True custom knives that are 100% hand assembled and finished.
2. The best natural and enhanced handle materials including bone, horn, pearl, stabilized woods and hardwoods.
3. Classic and innovative designs finished with custom buffing and beveling all parts, radiuses engineered for superior comfort and performance.
4. Each knife serialized with a certificate of manufacture showing year of completion along with a description of the handle and blade material used.
5. Custom designed sheaths that truly fit the knife made of 100% genuine leather.
6. A key to the Canal Street Cutlery Co. knife numbering system.
7. Individual jewelers pouch or sleeve foil stamped with the Canal Street Cutlery Co. Logo.
8. Gift box with a beautiful antique style label of the Canal Street Cutlery Co.