Case Genuine Mother-of-Pearl Eisenhower

Case Genuine Mother-of-Pearl Eisenhower
Case Genuine Mother-of-Pearl Eisenhower
We always like CASE Mother-of-Pearl knives here at the KnifeCenter. We have lots of Pearl Handle knives, but Case does as good a job as anyone. They do a great job with the material and the presentation is also nice with jewelry boxes for each one. Their latest pearl knives have the laser etched band on the bolster stating “Case XX” and that is a great touch.
This knife is exceptional. The Eisenhower model is a great knife and we don’t see it enough.
Here is the CASE information on it:
Nowhere is the uncompromising craftsmanship of a Case knife more readily apparent than in our Mother-of-Pearl collection. The lustrous white material, harvested from the inner lining of oyster shells, is carefully pinned to the handle with nickel silver rivets. This year, Case has added a “Case XX” laser engraving on the cap-end bolster, hearkening back to the coined bolsters of times past. Whether you display them or carry them, one thing is certain–these gems deserve a special place in your collection.


* #11921 (08263 SS)
* CASE XX Embossed Bolster
* Etched Spear Blade and Pen Blade
* 3 1/8″ closed; 1.3 oz.
* Handcrafted in the USA

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