Lots Of Specials! – Here’s a Breakdown on the Great Deals

Ok, we have a heck of a lot of specials going on at the same time. It can get confusing. Which ones are really cheap and which ones are just everyday sale items. I’m here to give you the inside scoop. First, let me point out that the reason for these lists is that we have so many items – the list is really enormous and so many of them are really great deals. We just want to help everyone get to what they are looking for and it’s not always easy. For instance: We just posted the “80 Items up to 80% Off- greatest sale ever” promotion. That’s a pretty big claim. Well, these items are hand picked as good items that we just happen to have too many on the shelf. We are willing to make just a bit on them to lighten up our inventory level for the end of the year. We are all in a buying mode right now and, as I say repeatedly, you have to make hay while the sun shines.

Then we have the flat rate shipping through today. Well, this is just a great deal.

We are running the Medford Sale that gives you some really solidly built knives at a reasonable price. Medford likes to price their product way Continue Reading

SOG Knives Demolition/Scuba Fixed Blade Knife

SOG Knives Demolition/Scuba Fixed Blade Knife
SOG Knives introduced their demolition/scuba fixed blade several years ago. At that time it was made in Japan and had a leather handle and polished blade. This new model from SOG Knives comes in at a much better price and a more utilitarian build. It now features a Kraton handle and black blade and is made in Taiwan. It’s still a great knife with a great design. It includes a black, leather sheath with sharpening stone in the front pocket. You can see them at www.knifecenter.com
Here is the full description from SOG Knives:
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These are interesting and inexpensive new Frost of Sweden Knives

 Frost of Sweden Knives
Frosts of Sweden- new Knives under $12 each!
We’ve sold Frosts of Sweden knives for years. They’re well made, basic in design and very inexpensive. They’re great. These new models are really similar but one has a carbon steel blade and the other has a stainless blade and are still a great deal.
You can see these knives at www.knifecenter.com
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Queen Big Chief Folding Dive Knives

Queen Big Chief Folding Dive Knives
Queen Big Chief Folding Dive Knives
An American Classic from Queen Knives. The Queen Big Chief folding dive knives have been a staple of underwater construction workers, fishermen and anyone who lives or works or plays in a marine environment. Unfortunately, Queen Knives has discontinued them. We have a great stock, however, and you can buy them at www.knifecenter.com while our supplies last. They all feature aluminum handles and stainless blades and so are very rust resistant. Grab one- or two- while they are available!

Spyderco Rock Salt Large Fixed Blade with H1 Non-Rusting Blade

Spyderco Rock Salt large Fixed Blade with H1 Non-Rusting Blade
Spyderco Rock Salt
The Rock Salt is an amazing knife. First of all, it was designed by one of the most creative designers anywhere, Ed Schempp. It has a Kuhkri style blade with a great handle. The steel they used for the blade is the H1 which has been tested again and again for rust resistance, and the folks at Spyderco cannot get it to rust! On top of that, it holds a great edge. You can use this knife in any environment.
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