Mantis Bottleneck Series Bali-Song Style Keychain Knife

Mantis Bottleneck Series Bali-Song Style Keychain Knife
Mantis Bottleneck Series Bali-Song Style Keychain Knife
Mantis Knives is one of the most exciting new up-and-coming knife companies we deal with… and the Bottleneck is exactly why. This clever little butterfly style folder features a single or double edge blade that is under two inches long, and it is available in you choice of satin or black. The real fun is that it can be used to open a bottle cap, then clipped shut on your key ring, or played with like a bali-song!
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Just In: New Kershaw Little Lockback Pocket Knives

Kershaw Little Lockback Pocketknife
New Kershaw Little Lockback Folding Knives!

Kershaw’s new Little Lockback line is aptly named. These knives are quite small, with a 2″ blade and a 2-5/8″ handle. The lockback mechanism holds the knife tight, whether in the open position or the closed position. This is not much of a camping knife or a tactical knife, but the size makes it perfect as an every day carry knife. It is unobtrusive and non-threatening, making it easy to use around people who are skittish around knives.

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New eGear PICO LED Zipper Lites

eGear PICO LED Zipper Lite 10 Lumens
New eGear PICO LED Zipper Lites!

A tiny light that you can carry anywhere and is really bright—that’s what you need. Carry one on your coat zipper or your key ring. These are really useful! Designed in collaboration with survival equipment guru Doug Ritter, these lights weigh less than an ounce but produce 10 lumens of clear white output that projects up to 30 feet. The rotating bezel insures that you will never accidently turn it on. And at only $9.95 each, you can buy Dad several!

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New Triple Eight Professional SOL Keychain Knife

Triple Eight Professional Keychain Folding Knife
New Triple Eight Professional SOL Keychain Knife!

This is the coolest new folding knife in the building that we have available for Father’s day… even the way it folds is cool. The SOL unfolds to become a short, sharp dagger. The SOL then folds up to be a non-descript pendant or money clip. It looks good and feels good. You will spend hours playing with this knife. You need to by the SOL for the knife loving father on your list… even if it is you!

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New Leatherman Squirt Keyring Multitools

New Leatherman Squirt Keyring Multitools
New Leatherman Squirt Multitools!

Leatherman is still doing the best they can to put everything you could possibly need into a multitool knife small enough to fit on your keychain. They still haven’t managed to fit the kitchen sink yet, but the Squirt series is a big step in the right direction.

The newest additions to the Squirt family are the PS4 series and the ES4 series. The PS4 series has the pliers of the P4 series with the S4 scissors. Similarly, the ES4 series combines the wire strippers of the E4 series with the S4 scissors. Both multitools include all the tools you might need, including a clip point knife, flat and Phillips head screwdrivers, and a bottle opener.  They each come in three colors: Red, blue, and black.

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Leatherman’s Got STYLE- Multitools, that is

Leathermans Got STYLENew from Leatherman, the Style Series of multi-tools. Leatherman knows their multi-tools. In Leatherman’s time-honored tradition they have miniaturized the most important features. Both Styles are made of 420HC steel and have a blade, scissors, file, flat head screwdriver, and a pair of tweezers. The Style has a great key ring feature while the Style CS comes with carabiner. Just think, you can now handle life’s everyday emergencies with Style, and 5 little tools. They are available in black, red, pink, or blue so add some color to your keyring. These tools are so Stylish, its a shame to keep them in your pocket or purse. This new product brings Style and flair to any keyring for an unbelievable price. You can see them and their features at

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Columbia River Flux Component Tools

Columbia River Flux Tools
Columbia River Flux Tools
Columbia River Knife and Tool comes up with some of the most creative items in the world. The new Columbia River FLUX tool is one of their best. This tool is built around a frame and you can put various tools on each side. They offer a folding knife, a wine tool, a computer flash drive, a flashlight, a bit driver and more. You can combine the FLUX into just the tool you may need for a particular day. It’s very clever.
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Kershaw Knives Mini Biner Carabiner Clip with 2″ Blade

Kershaw Knives Mini Biner Carabiner Clip with 2
Kershaw Knives Mini Biner Carabiner Clip with 2″ Blade
Kershaw Knives released the Carabiner knife combinations years ago and they have been steady sellers ever since. Now, Kershaw Knives releases a mini Version of the Carabiner knife combos and they’re awesome. Really inexpensive, these colorful little beauties are easy to carry and make having a knife at hand easier for many people- especially those outside with backpacks.
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