Spyderco Jester The Return of a Great Knife
Spyderco Jester – The Return of a Great Knife
Spyderco Knives released the Jester many years ago and we loved it then! It’s a small key ring type folder without a pocket clip featuring a mid-back lock. The original had a plastic handle, but this re-release features a gray color G10 handle. This is a limited release called a “sprint run” and so they will be sold out soon. Grab one if you like them. They make about the best key ring knife made anywhere.
You can see them at www.knifecenter.com
Here is more information from Spyderco Knives:
2012 Limited Production Sprint Run

Several times per year, Spyderco manufactures a limited-number of select knives not found in the regular product line. These are called Sprint Runs. The runs are approximate in number and will not be reordered or available again once the run is sold.

Take the 2-week Jester Test. Carry a Jester on your keychain, or in your purse or pocket for 14 days then on day 15 leave it home. You’ll feel its absence. It offers ergonomic convenience; you forget it’s there until you need a knife.

We’ve notched the blade’s spine above the hole with crosshatching as a seat for the thumb while cutting. Another textured section sits on top of the snub nose so your index finger has guiding control over the fine tip. Gray G-10 handles. Clipless.
Overall: 4.37″ (111 mm)
Blade: 1.92″ (49 mm)
Edge: 1.75″ (44 mm)
Closed: 2.44″ (62 mm)
Weight: 1.1 oz. (31 g)